15 Times Chrissy Teigen Was Us In College
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15 Times Chrissy Teigen Was Us In College

She understands the struggle

15 Times Chrissy Teigen Was Us In College
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Chrissy Teigen, wife to John Legend, is well known for many things... including her incessant humor on twitter. She tweets about all aspects of life, ranging from politics to television shows, and is not the least bit reserved when she expresses her opinions. Here are 16 times her that tweets were #relatable to college kids of all ages.

1. Getting a bad grade on a paper

I wrote this paper while running on 3 hours of sleep and 2 cups of coffee; I'm sorry I forgot a couple Oxford commas.

2. Meeting girls in the bathroom at frat parties

We all have those friendships that were formed as a result of drunken conversations in the bathroom... I think you're nice-- I just don't really know you, so I'll like your Instagram post so you don't think I'm rude.

3. Studying for midterms

The only thing worse than studying for an exam that's worth 40% of your grade is realizing that you're only half way finished with the semester.

4. Our healthy eating habits

What's a vegetable?

5. Lazy Sundays

Sometimes you just have to sit around and binge watch Netflix (even though you have three tests to study for and a paper to write).

6. Office hours

Did you tell us not to come asking for extra credit at the end of the semester? Yes. Is that going to stop me? No.

7. Questionable hygiene

Community bathrooms change you.

8. Frat houses

Home to your local 20 year old drug lords.

9. Prone to distractions

YouTube isn't genuinely appreciated until it's 2am and you have 3 assignments to finish-- this is when it becomes the most interesting part of the internet.

10. Giving into peer pressure

Are your friends really your friends if they don't encourage your questionable decision making?

11. Proclivity to alcoholism

7 months ago sleep was the main source of solace that was sought. At college you've found a new antidote for your struggles.

12. Antisocial behavior

8am is not the time to discuss your current existential crisis with your friend; respect her headphones and let her walk to class in silence.

13. Going too hard freshman year

Partying freshman year; a phase, learning experience, and time of regret all in one.

14. Our self-destructive procrastination

When you're hit by writer's block 3 hours before your deadline and all hope has been lost.

15. Gaining the freshman 15

We all swore to ourselves that we wouldn't let it happen, but alas, here we are.

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