15 Times 'Bob's Burgers' Perfectly Described College

Bob’s Burgers is a great show and if you aren’t watching it you should definitely start. The show is raw and relatable and I have laughed so hard I cried when watching this masterpiece.

1. Literally me during finals week. I don’t need to be emotionally or physically stable anyway

2. When people in group projects decide not to contribute anything until the presentation that YOU DID ON YOUR OWN and act like they know what they’re talking about (THEY DON’T)

3. How every college student feels during the summer break

4. When you haven’t had coffee yet and you have a long day ahead of you.

5. When it’s been a long week and you can’t deal with anyone anymore

6. When any college student sees a dog on campus (specifically me)

7. When nothing seems to be going right in the semester and you may be a teensy bit dramatic.

8. When you tell people, “I work very well under pressure.”

9. When nothing is going right and you’re pretty sure you are probably going to H-E-L-L!

10. How every college student feels when the teacher assigns homework on the first day (and yes this image still applies even though I already used it).

11. When you are the only one that is still not legal so you have to make the best of it

12. When it's finals week and it's every man for themselves

13. When you realize that you need to love yourself before you can love anyone else

14. College in a nutshell

15. When it is the end of the semester and everyone is losing it.

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