15 Thoughts All College Students Have Before Fall Break

15 Thoughts All College Students Have Before Fall Break

Warning: Extreme honesty and sarcasm ahead, proceed with caution.


Okay, it's no secret. It's that point in the semester where we are all dragging our feet and praying that fall break comes quickly and stays forever. I think I started the countdown since the first day of school. A vacation is much needed. So, here's a list of thoughts that all college students have probably had in anticipation of fall break.

1. "Okay I can make it until fall break."

Or die from trying. Whichever comes first.

2. "I can do this! GPA: No, you can't."

You GPA is screaming that it is past the point of no return...

3. *Contemplates switching majors*

Because anything else would be just too difficult.

4. "A thirty minute nap (turns into four hours) won't hurt right?"

Cause who can focus on homework when your eyelids are drooping? You're so close to a full blown meltdown, so just TAKE THE NAP!

5. "This paper isn't due until Friday, I can look at Halloween costumes."

It's never too early to start looking, right?

6. "Well, can't get any work done without fall decorations to put me in a good mood!"

FALL IS HERE! Must stop everything to get prepared.

7. "Ah, must stop for anything pumpkin spice."

T'is the season my friends.

8. "If I drop this class, how bad would it look on my transcript?"

Dropping the class would look better than getting thrown out.

9. *Contemplates dropping out of school entirely*

Your parents would be so proud.

10. "So, should I be a fairy or cat for Halloween?"

Or neither because both are way overdone, girls.

11. "Who needs a high GPA? I can still graduate with a few C's right?"

Ryan Reynolds stopped trying, so why should you keep it up? Well, he's a rich and famous movie star, so maybe striving for grades better than C's may actually be worth it. Be like Ryan once you got more than $5 to your name.

12. *Calls mom* "I just can't do this anymore, I'm coming home!"

Far, far away from the tests, papers, quizzes, and anxiety.

13. "Just a few more weeks, just a few more weeks..."

Time is moving so slowly, but at least you're closer than you were at the start of the semester.

14. (Three weeks before fall break) "I'll go ahead and start the list of what I need to take home."

In order to waste more time, let's make a list of things you should do after you finish your homework.


It's the final countdown!!!! You've made it, only one more week until you can breathe again!

Okay friends, on a serious note: stay in school and get your work done, you'll be thankful in the long run. This too shall pass, but you can still get excited for fall break!! Happy Fall y'all!

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