Every girl is different, and has their own interests. That being said, there are definitely some things we all have in common with each other, so read through this list of 15 things a typical teenage girl does and see if they ring true for you

1. You say goodnight to your family at 11, but you watch three more hours of Netflix because sleep comes second to your priority of binge watching the next season of "Orange is the New Black."

2. You battle daily with the struggles of a growing appetite but wanting to be super fit. Should I really eat this entire box of Cheez-its? I'll just do 50 sit-ups, that'll even it out.

3. You're not always what people would call "in control of your emotions." But the good thing is you get to chalk it up to being a teenager!

4. You're steadily becoming addicted to iced coffee. It may be slow, but it's happening.

5. You occasionally struggle with the "do I wanna pick out an outfit and look nice rn" or "can I just throw on a baseball hat and a t-shirt and hope no one recognizes me" debacle

6. You're always online shopping. Always.

7. You wear a lot of leggings. You own a lot of leggings. They're quite honestly the most comfortable thing ever invented and they go perfectly with anything so it's a win win.

8. You get stressed (lets be real, who doesn't) but you like to handle it in one of three ways; by petting lots of puppies, petting lots of kittens, or looking at pictures of puppies and kittens.

9. You're feminine and sweet and oh so lady-like but you confidently blast some hard core rap through your car and know every word.

10. You find yourself looking up makeup and hair tutorials in your bedroom when you find yourself doing nothing on a Sunday night.

11. You have Christmas lights hanging around in your room.

12. your sleepovers slowly turned from being exciting planned events into "wanna come over and eat junk food and fall asleep while watching Grey's?" and impromptu therapy sessions.

13. You've got all the social media apps and honestly don't know where you would be in life if Instagram was never created.

14. You treasure the freedom your license brings. Life is forever changed the second you get that plastic.

15. You just absolutely love being a teenager and know that it's one of the best times in your life, so you're definitely not ready to too get much older.