12 Things They Never Told You About Losing Your Roommate

12 Things They Never Told You About Losing Your Roommate

When you give a girl a roommate, and then TAKE HER AWAY.

Turner Russell

All last year, I remember people complaining about roommate conflicts, and the fact that their direct roommate snored, or that they forgot to clean out their leftovers in the fridge. This semester, my roommate decided to take a mental break, and I love and support her for that, but nobody told me all the things I would miss about having a roommate. Here's a list of 10 things that no one will tell you you'll miss when your roommate leaves:

1. The fact that you have someone waiting up for you

If you get home late, nobody cares.

2. Late night dance parties to Panic! At The Disco

3. The comfort of hearing them breathe loudly (bordering on snoring) when you wake up from a bad dream in the middle of the night.

4. The abundance of shenanigans to put on your Snap Story.

5. Weird bathroom adventures that you really can only have with a roommate.

Who else would let me shave their head when I've never touched an electric razor before?

6. Double the clothing.

I had to actually go shopping today to get new clothes instead of just rummaging through your closet.

7. Someone to talk to when you get really sad at the tail end of your all-nighter studying spree.

8. Road trip buddy

You will now have to go grocery shopping alone. ALONE.

9. Someone to follow you after you run away from your problems.

10. Someone to rant to when that weird guy texts you


11. Someone to get dressed up with.

12. Having someone you know in your court who has got your back, no matter what.

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