If you've ever been physically sick, sick of people, or just really lazy in general, then you know what it's like to stay in bed all day long. If you don't know the feeling this is the main sequence of events:

1. You wake up wondering what year it is.

2. After you figure out what day and time it is, you're amazed at how long you slept (and truthfully very proud of your new record).

3. You are starving and would potentially eat a cow if given one.

4. You are also way to lazy to actually make food so you settle with what's near (the crackers that have been on your desk for four days will do!)

5. You contemplate if you really need to use the bathroom because then you risk losing all the warmth you built up under your blankets.

6. You decide to use the bathroom after you've proceed to wrap yourself into a burrito and immediately wonder why you didn't go before the wrapping.

7. You try to shimmy your way partly out of the burrito so you can use the bathroom without losing all of your warmth.

8. When you get back in the bed, you're so overcome with joy you wonder why you ever left.

9. You will watch anything and everything on Netflix just because you decided it's one of those days.

10. You spend over thirty minutes trying to find something because you aren't that open to watching new things.

11. You're twenty minutes into a movie and your hunger is starting to get the best of you, but you try to ignore it.

12. After ignoring it for a total of six minutes – you decide its time to actually get food before your stomach eats your right arm.

13. You warm up day old (or four day old) leftovers and hope for the best.

14. You practically run back to bed with your food, turn Netflix back on and wrap yourself back up.

15. After eating, you fall asleep and repeat the process when you wake back up!