15 Things I'd Rather Be Doing Than Homework
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15 Things I'd Rather Be Doing Than Homework

Including writing this article.

15 Things I'd Rather Be Doing Than Homework

1. Sleeping

We all know we don't get enough sleep as it is, so why not.

2. Stalking friends on social media

Wow, Karen got a dog?! No way! Still, better than homework.

3. Drinking coffee

I mean, we do this while we do homework, but the sweet taste of coffee is so much better sitting on the couch.

4. Hanging with my sorority sisters

So much more fun than homework.

5. Eating gummy worms

Yum. (Also, finding GIFs of gummy worms dunking)

6. Doing jumping jacks

Exercising AND ignoring my homework. Perfect.

7. Basking in the glory of the sweet sun

Oh, another glorious day....not doing homework.

8. Posting pictures of my dogs on social media

They're so cute and cuddly...unlike homework.

9. Googling pictures of Highland Coo

Just do it. I promise.

10. Planning my future on Pinterest

I mean, I'm gonna be getting married soon...right? (so, so single)

11. Trying out new makeup

Spending two hours learning how to make a cat-eye? Sure.

12. Pooping

No explanation needed. At this point I've probably drank at least 12 cups of coffee distracting myself from my homework.

13. Painting my nails

I haven't painted my nails in three months and I have a term paper due tomorrow; that new Essie color is calling my name.

14. Cuddling with my roommate

Ah, sweet serenity.

15. Literally anything

I would rather spend 60 days in the dessert with no water and nothing to eat but beef jerky than do my homework. Okay, maybe not, but I think you get the point.

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