15 Things Only People From Arizona Will Understand
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15 Things Only People From Arizona Will Understand

If you've lived in Arizona, you will definitely relate to this.

15 Things Only People From Arizona Will Understand

Arizona is a special place. The population consists of mainly cowboys and cowgirls, javelinas, and coyotes. Every Halloween, we have cactus carving competitions. Oh, and we're all wearing bolo ties. Just kidding, it's not quite the wild west but there are definitely some things that are unique to our state.

1. When we say it's a dry heat, we mean it.

When it's the middle of summer and everyone is complaining about the heat, somebody always reminds us that it is a dry heat. People usually scoff at this but it's true. It may be 115 degrees but it's not humid. Ever been to Florida during the Summer? You're going to be a lot less miserable in Arizona.


2. We get as excited for monsoons as some people do for snow

Our weather is pretty monotonous most of the time, so we get really excited when there is a slight change in the weather. And monsoons are more than just a slight change. For about an hour (maybe more if we're lucky) there are torrential downpours, crazy winds, thunder and lighting, and even sometimes hail. However, chances are, a mile down the road the skies will be sunny and the wind will be still. But hey, that's just how Arizona rolls.


3. When there is a change in the weather, social media blows up.

Like I said before, we go nuts when there is a change in the weather. If it's raining, thundering or even just cloudy, your Instagram, Twitter and Facebook will most likely be filled with posts about the weather. And when something out of the ordinary happens? Everybody turns into comedians on twitter.


4. Third-degree burns from leather seats are beyond real.

If it's 118 degrees outside of the car you can only imagine how hot it actually gets inside of the car. If you have leather seats, you better hope that you have something to sit on or you're going to do some serious damage to the back of your legs. And don't even think about touching the metal part of your seatbelt.


5. You’ve probably seen tourists taking a picture of/with a cactus at some point.

Saguaro cactuses are beautiful. But, if you’ve lived here long enough it becomes a pretty normal part of your everyday landscape. However, if somebody is visiting from across the country, this may be the first time they’ve ever seen a giant Cactus in person. It is not uncommon to see these tourists taking pictures with the cacti on hikes.


6. No, you probably don’t need that sweater when it drops below 80 degrees but you’re going to wear it anyway.

I love fall clothes and I know I am not alone in this. So, whenever it gets to a bearable temperature outside you can guarantee that I am whipping out that cute cardigan and boots even though it may be 85 degrees. Judge me I dare you.


7. If you went to high school here, you know that all high school names are really just a different variation of each other.

Here in Arizona, we are not very clever with what we name our schools. There are very few high schools that have names completely unique to them. Most are just variations of the same name. For example Cactus High School, Cactus Shadows High School, Shadow Mountain High School, Mountain Ridge High School. The list goes on.


8. Arizona has the craziest news stories.

This one speaks for itself.


9. Even though we complain nonstop about the heat in the Summer, once it gets below 50 degrees, we want summer back.

There’s a reason that snowbirds decide to come to Arizona during the winters. They are beautiful. However, for those of us that live here year round, we are so acclimated to the heat that by the time winter rolls around and it gets below 50 degrees we are wishing for the heat back.


10. You probably don't know what Daylight Savings Time is

We've all heard of it but if you've lived here your whole life, you probably don't know how it works. You know it has something to do with changing the time and waking up earlier or later but when it comes down to the details, you're clueless.


11. You can forget about your makeup staying on

In the dead of Summer, putting on a full face of make is almost redundant. After you’re outside for more than 5 minutes the majority of your makeup will most likely have melted off. Setting spray is nice and all but it has nothing on that 115-degree heat. You have two options: bring all of your makeup with you everywhere or just go all natural.


12. Yes, Haboobs are a real thing.

Haboobs are essentially just giant dust storms. We’re still not sure why we call them haboobs instead of just dust storms...but hey, we didn't make the lingo. Although you may not want to walk outside during one of these storms, you may want to turn on the news to see the giant wall of dust that looks like its shielding the city.


13. The pool is useless in the summer

In the dog days of summer, the temperature may not even get below 90 degrees at night. This means that the pool doesn't have time to cool off. You can forget about that nice refreshing dip in the pool you were looking forward to. You’re most likely just jumping into a giant bath.


14. “Aren't people from Arizona supposed to be like really tan?”

Arizona may seem like the perfect place to get that bronzed glow during the summer time but it is most definitely not. Unless of course, you want to brave the scorching heat and risk heat stroke. We do everything we can to stay inside by the AC during the summers. Even if that means being a pasty princess. Bella Swan, I get you.


15. Arizona is actually so beautiful

To some, the desert may seem like a boring, lifeless landscape. But if you live here long enough, you begin to appreciate it’s beauty. And trust me, you haven’t seen a real sunset until you’ve witness one of Arizona’s devastatingly beautiful sunsets. When the sun goes down on the jagged mountains, it casts a warm glow of a million colors. And contrary to popular belief, Arizona is not all desert. If you take a trip up to Flagstaff in the Winter, you’ll feel more like you’re in a winter wonderland than you will a desert.


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