How many road trips have you gone on and how many of those road trips had varying conversations from one another? Probably none, because every long car trip consists of the same questions, conversation starters, and random comments at random times.

I consider myself very observant. I just got back from a long road trip with a few of my friends and I decided to write down certain things I heard them say along the way. I'll bet you all of my life savings (the whole 10 bucks) that you've heard at least half of these on your road trips, too.

1. "I have to pee."

If you aren't this friend, you have this friend. Those friends that have to go to the bathroom every thirty minutes, that make you get off at every exit to find a McDonald's or local convenience store. You know who you are.

2. "Where the f*** are we?"

When you're stuck on a highway for hours on end, everything starts looking the same. Especially when you're surrounded by something like trees or mountains...I'm looking at you Penn State.

3. *Cue the horrible singing*

C'mon now, we aren't all the greatest singers but is that going to stop us from belting out every song that comes on in the car? Absolutely not. What fun is a car ride without a legendary jam sesh?

4. "I want to be a doctor."

This is obviously following a 15-minute long conversation about how much we all love "Grey's Anatomy," of course. This is also before we realize we're scared of blood and can't imagine cutting someone open.

5. "Guys! Look at the sunset!"

Maybe it's just my friends that are completely obsessed with pink and orange skies, but we spent at least 10 minutes drooling over and taking pictures of the sunset. Honestly, how could they not fascinate you?

6. "Shut up."

Okay, let's be real here. When you're cramped into a car, with suitcases piled to the roof of the trunk, and every seat filled with a body, for six hours, you're going to get a little irritable.

7. "Ugh, I LOVE this song."

Like I mentioned before, whats a good car ride without a legendary jam session? You're bound to come across a nice old throwback or maybe even a new banger that gets everyone in the car dancing in their seats.

8. "Who farted?"

If you are sitting in a confined area, you're not getting away with cutting the cheese. You will get caught, and people will get angry. Don't do it, hold it in.

9. "Why doesn't anybody around here know how to drive?!"

This may just be me because I'm from New Jersey, but everybody I know has some degree of road rage. We all think we are better drivers than everyone else on the road. We get mad when the road isn't cleared for us and when people think driving less than 5 miles above the speed limit is okay.

10. "Woah look at that license plate."

Seeing a license plate from a state across the country has got to be pretty exciting, right? What is someone from Texas doing in Philadelphia? Why did they drive here instead of flying? Maybe it's a rental car and they're not actually from Texas? What's the truth behind this car? We should ask them.

11. "A Dog!!!"

Honestly, what is better than looking over at the car next to you and seeing a pup with its head out the window? Nothing. There is nothing better than dogs, especially when they're a surprise guest on your long and exhausting journey.

12. "Those people are staring us down."

Speaking of seeing things in the car next to you, what about when the family in the car over is just casually staring you down. You end up competing in the world's most awkward staring contest.

13. "Penn State!"

You know that instant connection you feel when you see another car with a Penn State bumper sticker? It's the same feeling you get when you're at a crowded party and finally spot someone you know from across the room.

14. "Siri, you're pissing me off."

Does anybody actually like Siri? When she's plugged into the aux cord and interrupts my favorite part of my favorite song to tell me to continue on the same road I've already been on for 73 miles, that draws the line. What about when she takes you in a direction that you know is just completely wrong? Siri, care to explain?

15. "Are we there yet?"

Ah, the inevitable question that makes an appearance during every single road trip there ever was. This one's pretty self-explanatory and you've probably been the one to ask this at least five times.