15 Things You've Experienced If You Go To Wilkes University
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Student Life

15 Things You've Experienced If You Go To Wilkes University

This has probably happened.

15 Things You've Experienced If You Go To Wilkes University
Wilkes University

I have attended Wilkes University for almost four years, and there are plenty of things I am sure we could all relate to as long as you've spent some time on and around the campus. Apart from the crazy and somewhat homicidal squirrels that never seem to leave the Greenway. From never ending construction, to the small little quirks of campus, there's so many different things that make Wilkes unique. Here is a small list of things that have stood out to me about Wilkes from the few years that I have spent calling this campus my home away from home.

1. When it rains, suddenly Wilkes becomes one massive puddle.

The whole campus is basically flat, so when it rains, it’s impossible to keep your feet dry unless you own an amazing pair of rain boots. You also quickly learn to avoid River Street at all costs, or you might get hit with a tidal wave of water.

2. When you heard Starbucks was coming to campus, you couldn’t contain your excitement.

Unfortunately, this is the fastest you’ve ever run out of Dining and Flex dollars ever.

3. You know to avoid the SUB on any open house.

The food will be great, but at what cost?

4. At first, you thought the gateway project was a huge waste of money.

Now, you think it’s actually really pretty, and the cross walks are a godsend. You just wish the Towers cross walk was where it used to be.

5. Speaking of Towers, you’ve most likely experienced a fire drill if you’ve ever stepped foot inside.

From someone who likes to hang out on the 12th floor, the walk down is excruciating, and the wait for the elevator after is hellish.

6.You know to never go past Academy Street if you can help it.

Past Academy, you must never go there.

7. Those $3 movie tickets have saved you countless amounts of money.

If you’re unaware, the desk in the SUB sells $3 movie tickets 3 times a week. They sell from 5 to 7 on Wednesday, during club hours on Thursday and from 3 to 5 on Friday. Be careful though; you can only buy one a week.

8. You’ve gone to the bookstore and found an item of clothing you absolutely love, only to realize it’s a Kings sweatshirt.

9. You absolutely hate it when someone reserves a study room in the basement of the library, and they’re sitting there watching TV.

10. You’ve experienced all four seasons in one week. Welcome to Wilkes Barre.

11. When you found out that Walmart is no longer open 24 hours, you died a little inside.

Where else am I supposed to get ramen at 2 a.m.?

12. Casino Night is the best night.

If you go to any school function, it’s most likely this one. I had no idea how many people actually went to Wilkes until they all came out of the woodwork for Casino Night. Also, coming from someone who won a tablet freshman year and then Twenty One Pilots' tickets at the most recent Casino Night, it’s so worth it. Also, I got a chance to play Blackjack with the President; how cool is that?

13. There's rage when people call the elevator to the second floor of the SUB, and they aren’t handicapped or carrying anything.

Why do you like to watch the world burn?

14. You create camaraderie with your professors.

There’s usually only a few professors in each department, and they each teach multiple classes. You usually end up taking a good amount of classes with each of them. Your professor actually knows your name, and you aren’t just a number is so fulfilling. Another bonus is that when you need a letter of recommendation, you have three or four professors who you can choose from.

15. You sometimes feel like sending Franks and Asian K fruit baskets for how many times they have saved you from starvation.

Their food isn’t the healthiest, but they are close to campus, accept Flex dollars and are open late. If you’re super desperate, they even deliver.

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