15 Struggles Of Dating A Gym Rat
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15 Struggles Of Dating A Gym Rat

15 Struggles Of Dating A Gym Rat

1. Sometimes it feels like they love the gym more than you.

You've had to come to terms with the fact that the gym is their first love and you're their second. At first it felt like the gym was their mistress, but then you realized you were the other woman. This hurt, but you've learned to accept it.

2. You can't get away with being lazy.

Thinking about only working out five times this week? I don't think so, because as soon as you mention this to your significant other you get a look of disappointment while they shake their head. You thought that five days was a pretty good amount, but sadly it's not gym rat approved.

3. You can't talk about anything serious when either their abs or biceps are visible.

You know you were mad about something...you swear you were in an argument. But at some point you found yourself being distracted by their muscles and you forgot why you were angry. At this point you try to cover it up by saying "Oh, never mind. It wasn't a big deal anyways."

4. They're always excited to go work out.

You managed to crawl your way out of your comfortable warm bed and get yourself into a yoga class, which was a struggle. Feeling proud of yourself for not sleeping the whole day, you then get frustrated by the text message you received which goes something like this: "off to the gym so excited it's leg day! I'll be done in a couple hours." Who works out for two hours? Oh, right. Gym rats.

5. They think exercise is the answer to all your problems.

Haven't been sleeping well? Feeling stressed out? Got a bad grade? Family problems? Well, your significant other has the solution: exercise. For all of life's problems, the gym holds the solutions.

6. They have a squat obsession.

"Hey babe you know what you should do?"



An accurate reenactment of a conversation we have had.

7. Meals to them are protein, carbohydrates, and fat.

They have calculated every single gram, and they know exactly what food item has what in it. They also proceed to log this into their phone. You, on the other hand, shrug because you simply look at meals as "healthy," "pretty healthy," and then "shouldn't have had that." As to how much protein, carbs, and fats are in it...not sure.

8. For some reason, they like the taste of Quest bars.

Quest bars taste awful! No one except gym rats actually enjoys the taste; the rest of us eat it purely for convenience.

9. They think sushi is a cheat meal.

You open your phone and see a Snapchat of sushi from your significant other with the caption "Cheat meal! Love sushi!" You see this as you're eating your "cheat meal," which is french toast, or pizza. You're now confused and having a existential crisis.

10. They think going to the gym together would be a cute date.

Embarrassing yourself at the gym in front of them doesn't sound very romantic to you, especially when you know that you look like a tomato after running.

11. Their knowledge of the human muscular system is uncanny.

You thought your core was only made up of the abs that you still don't have. Apparently there's more to it than that; luckily, your gym rat significant other will happily teach about all the muscles in the human body.

12. They're the protein police.

They constantly check in on you to make sure you've had enough protein. And as soon as you say you're done with your workout, you aren't surprised when you read a text from them saying "make sure to eat something with protein!"

13. They're constantly hungry.

You've never seen someone eat such a large bowl of oatmeal until you've had breakfast with your significant other. And that's on top of the huge egg-white omelet they ate. Somehow they'll be hungry and hour later, while you're still digesting the sweet potato and eggs you ate a couple hours ago.

14. You always feel unfit in comparison.

You got really excited when you realized you can now do chin ups, but then you saw your significant other bust out 20 pull ups. So of course now you're feeling weak.

15. You only get one day to be lazy with them.

Finally, it's Sunday, their rest day. This is the day you happily get them all to yourself instead of having to share them with the gym. Today you get to be lazy together, and though they can drive you crazy with their gym rat ways, you still admire their discipline...and, of course, their abs.

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