If you're one of those people that when your alarms goes off in the morning and you sit there and hope it's at least noon, then you know the struggles. Mornings are not your friend, but coffee is. Sometimes though, coffee can't even get you through the hardest part of the day. Mornings are not your thing and you've perfected living with running late and doing things on the go because there is no way you are getting out of bed before you have to. You tell yourself you're going to become a morning person and set your alarm a little earlier so you can wake up and start your day, but you know that's never going to happen. Your day always starts with the routine of alarm going off, snooze, snooze and then finally getting out of bed. You're not a morning person, and you are proud of it.

1. The dreaded moment your alarm goes off is the worst part of your day.

2. Laying there starring at the ceiling and wondering if it's actually necessary to get up.

3. Coffee. Coffee. Coffee.

4. Realizing everything you have to do today and crying on the inside.

5. Trying to make yourself look presentable and realizing it’s not even worth it.

6. Planning when you’re going to take a nap before it’s even 10 a.m.

7. Being miserable until about noon because honestly that is sometimes too early.

8. Counting down the hours until you can go back to sleep

9. Vow to yourself that you'll go to bed earlier tonight.

10. Being skilled in doing your hair, make up, and getting dressed in record time because you just couldn’t get out of bed.

11. Snooze. Snooze. Snooze. Oh Crap.

15. Do it all again the next day.