Reasons You Should Get the Sprinkle of Jesus App

18 Sprinkle Of Jesus Reminders You Need Today

If you need some daily motivation and help, this is the app for you.


When I downloaded this app, I had only heard about it from friends, so I didn't know what to really expect, but when I got my first positive, notification, I knew it was what I needed. All of these have come at times for me when I truly needed them the most.

One of them came and I really thought nothing of it, until I went back a month later and saw the date it came and realized how crazy it was that looking back on that date from where I was a month later, I never knew my life was going to change that day and it did.

It's almost as if it has a funny way of knowing what you need before you need it, so if you do one thing today, make it downloading this app.

1. "God is sending someone marriage minded. Stop chasing after who you think is right for you."

2. "The length of your relationship may not equal the strength of your relationship. Don't confused them."

3. "God is about to replace and refill you with whatever is missing in your life."

4. "The calling over your life is different, don't feel bad for outgrowing people that had the chance to grow with you."

5. "Don't settle for less, God meets us at the level of our expectation and does more than we expected."

6. "Them wounding you was your freedom to walk away."

7. "They did not leave your life. I moved them... - God"

8. "You are allowed to be both a masterpiece and a work in progress simultaneously."

9. "Detours do not cancel your destiny."

10. Be mature enough to release people into their destiny - even if it no longer includes you."

11. "Everything you are going through is preparing you for what you asked for."

12. "You're planted not buried, allow time for you to bloom through each blessing."

13. "If you made it before them, then you can make it without them."

14. "Some people you thought loved you, only needed you. Take a step back and evaluate who's stealing your energy."

15. "Rudeness is the weak person's imitation of strength."

16. “It's over, leave the past behind. You can't take the old version of you into the new season."

17. “Stop having friendship problems with people who aren't friends and stop having relationship problems with people who aren't committed."

18. “Don't commit to them, commit to evolving and they'll meet you there."

If you’re looking for that little moment of positivity and faith, you should consider downloading the app today. They even take prayer requests on their website! Spread the love and sprinkle Jesus.

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A Letter From God To Help You Finish The Semester

God sees your struggles and He's here to give you strength and motivation.

My Child,

The lack of motivation towards the end of the semester is normal. You are mentally and physically tired, but you are almost at the end. Don’t stop walking down the perfect path I have for you. When you’re going along and you come upon a speedbump, I want you to go over it and keep driving. The paper you have to write and the test you have to study for are just small speedbumps I have given you to make you wiser. You can write that paper and you can gain motivation to study for that test. I am here to give you strength, and am here to open up your mind and give you motivation.

You are so loved. You have such a beautiful mind. The light of Jesus shines through your eyes and your smile brings comfort to the world. There’ll be times you feel like you’re carrying a heavy load. There’ll be times you feel like the task I have given you is impossible to perform. But remember this: I would never put anything upon your shoulders that you cannot carry. If I put you in a certain situation, it’s because I know you are strong enough to go through it.

When you feel like crying, cry to me. When you feel like a failure, remember how much I love you. You are not a failure and you are not going to give up. I will hold your hand through every second of your life. I will seek your heart through your darkest moments. I see you, I see your heart, and I see your burdens. And remember that I have your heart which means I also have your burdens. Follow my footsteps and you will be free from the doubt. Remember Mark 4:40-41: “Why are you so afraid? Do you still have no faith?” I have the power to calm any storm and wave. I have the power to calm YOUR storms and waves. Set your doubt, anger, and tiredness in my hands and simply be patient.

Romans 8:14-15 says,“For those who are led by the spirit of God are the children of God. The spirit you received does not make you slaves, so that you live in fear again, rather the spirit you received brought about your adoption to sonship.” Nothing can separate you from my love. Not even your lack of motivation. You have no motivation because you do not feel good enough. You are more than good enough. You were perfectly made by me and when I look down at you, I think of how proud I am of your heart.

Throughout the last few weeks of this semester, you will stumble upon speedbumps. But hold the hand of my son Jesus and you will be able to go over that speedbump with ease. Go write that paper, go study for that test, and go get an A in that class. I know you can because I have given you power.



Cover Image Credit: Margaret Carnes

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The Notre Dame Cathedral–Such A Loss Of History And Beauty, But What A Gift It Was To Experience It

Reid shares her story as she is saddened for Paris and the church.


After the massive fire that devastated large parts of the Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris, the 850-year-old cathedral's spire fell. French President Emmanuel Macron addressed the nation to share in the nation's sorrow but gave hope for the future. This includes the rebuilding of the cathedral together and making it more beautiful than ever. "The fire of Notre Dame reminds us that our story never ends. And that we will always have challenges to overcome. What we believe to be indestructible can also be touched," Macron said.

Tyler Reid

Among many others, Tyler Reid is saddened for Paris and the church. Although, she counts herself blessed to have seen it such a short time before it was destroyed. Reid, who was lucky enough to visit the amazing structure this past spring break, remarked:

My trip was filled with so many wonderful sites. Although, because Notre Dame carries the title of most-visited monument in Europe, my expectations were high. When I first walked up, there isn't one specific feeling I got; instead, it was more of a million thoughts running though my head. Once inside, looking at the massive stained glass windows combined with all the details in every crevice, it was hard for me to imagine people actually building this without the technology we have today. This hand crafted masterpiece really is so influential considering people still went there to worship, even after so much time has past and so many other cathedrals had been built. This proves how special the Notre Dame Cathedral really is. Due to my experience here, hearing about the fire hurt my heart, especially thinking about how some of the irreplaceable artworks and all of this history may be gone. This place truly influenced people, including me, and for it to be gone is a true tragedy.

Like Macron, Reid shares in the sorrow; although, for her, it was just from one visit. This proves the amazing impact the Notre Dame Cathedral had and hopefully will continue to have even after this devastation.

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