15 Signs You're The Mom Of Your Friend Group

15 Signs You're The Mom Of Your Friend Group

Chances are very good that if none of your friends are Mom, you, my dear, are the one who holds that position.

I want you to take a quick moment to reflect on your relationships with your friends. Everyone has their role and place within each group, and one of those roles is "the mom". Chances are very good that if none of your friends are Mom, you, my dear, are the one who holds that position.

Now, now, no need to worry because this is a good thing! All friend groups need that one core person to keep everyone's heads on straight and maintain functioning and healthy friendships. Of course, team work makes the dream work, but every group needs that maternal figure to keep things safe and organized.

For years, my friends have deemed me as their "mom away from home". I always found this slightly odd, but over the years I've discovered that being there for your friends in a unique and mature way is vital to a successful relationship with those around you. I'll be honest, I love being Mom! Being viewed this way by the people I love and respect makes me feel loved and respected, too.

Every group's Mom has specific qualities that give them this special place amongst their friends. These are clear signs that you are this person:

1. You are behind the camera more than you are in front of it.

You were always destined to be the designated photographer. Documenting your friends' lives comes naturally and is super fun, too.

2. You often get carried away in adult conversations while your friends wait for you to be done.

Sorry guys, but sometimes just the "grown ups" need to chat.

3. Helping your friends get ready to go out makes you feel like a crazy pageant mom.

Going over the top is always the goal.

4. You stay up until you get all of the "I'm home safe" texts.

Making sure your babies are where they need to always concern you.

5. Attending your friends' games and performances make you feel so proud.

You're their third parent, so of course, you'll be there to cheer them on and embarrass the crap out of them.

6. Giving life advice has become second nature.

You are your friends' go to gal in times of need. Words of wisdom seem to come to you with ease, and being their rock is just part of the job.

7. You're always packed and prepared for any situation or emergency.

From snacks to bandaids to spare clothes, what don't you have?

8. Even though your own room is a mess, you make sure your friends' rooms are tidy at all times.

This is more of a "do-as-I-say" rather than "do-as-I-do" situation.

9. You are the voice of reason in every sticky situation.

Sometimes a little reminder of what's right and wrong can make all the difference.

10. Purchasing small gifts "just because" has become a regular thing for you.

Simply saying "this made me think of you so I had to get it" can brighten anyone's day.

11. Bargain hunting and shopping strictly off the sale rack is the only way to shop with you.

You thrive when finding quality sales at your favorite stores. Don't worry, your friends will thank you later for all of the money you've helped them save.

12. You always remind your friends of deadlines, appointments, and things that need to get done.

...even if they aren't things that pertain to you.

13. Every last detail of any plan has to be figured out before you go anywhere.

Where are we going? Who's going to be there? When will we be there until? These are all very important questions!

14. You enjoy being the chauffeur because you know your friends are safe with you.

Mini vans are an *excellent* vehicle of choice for these occasions.

15. Your friends have coined you with the charming nickname "Mom".

...and you are completely fine with it.

There's nothing wrong with being this person within your friend group. Moms keep their families functioning, and so do your friends who act like moms. Be sure to thank your "Mom" for all they do for you because the people who mean the most to them always come first.

Cover Image Credit: Erin Kelly

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What A Decade-Long Friendship Has Taught Me

A letter to my best friend, and a reflection of the past ten years.


Thank you for being my best friend these past ten years.

It's somewhat of an overused phrase, but friends really do come and go. It's crazy to realize how many people we lose touch within our lifetimes. Sometimes the loss of a friend is really hard to get over; sometimes you don't even realize the friendship is gone until it hits you years later. Even though many of the friendships I've made over my lifetime have ended, they taught me a great deal — for better or for worse. I'm thankful for everyone in my life, whether I'm still close to them or not because I wouldn't be who I am today without their impact on my life.

But I truly believe there are some people who are meant to be your friends for life.

To think our friendship started when we were just awkward seventh-graders and now we're almost college graduates — and you're still the greatest friend I've ever had. Despite different schools and friend groups, we never lost touch, and we continued to grow together. Our friendship had only strengthened, despite everything. I don't think people are as lucky as you and I to find a friendship like ours.

Ten years of our friendship have taught me a lot about what kind of friend I want to be, and I think everyone should strive to be the kind of friend that you are.

You are the kind of person who gives your whole heart to someone, the kind of person who will stay up the entire night trying to comfort someone. You don't give up on your friends, even when they don't deserve your kindness. You give your strength to people who can't find their own. You forgive and forgive and forgive everyone, even the people who may not deserve it. You deserve the world for all you do.

Ten years of our friendship have taught me a lot, but the most significant realization is that I'm a really lucky person to have you in my life.

Thank you for teaching me what it means to be a friend.

Thank you for supporting me, for laughing with me, for crying with me and for never giving up on me. Thank you for the Target runs, for the random late-night drives, for listening to me complain about the toxic people in my life, for reassuring me about my worries. Thank you for your patience, your encouraging words, and most importantly, for the many laughs we've shared.

Thank you for a decade-long friendship. Thank you for being my forever friend.

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