You have your best friends, but then you have your Jimmy's and Justin's of the world. If you and your BFF can relate to this list, you have definitely found your soulmate.

1. You've been friends for as long as you can remember.

2. You accept each others' cringe-worthy awkwardness.

3. But that doesn't stop you from making fun of each other relentlessly.

4. You share the same lame sense of humor.

5. You know literally everything about each other.

6. Random dance parties happen quite often with you two.

7. You' re pretty much inseparable.

8. And you have major best-friend withdrawals whenever you're apart.

9. You are #friendship goals .

10. You hate the same people.

11. You swear you’ll stop getting into trouble together…one of these days.

12. Tbh, their significant other is the real third wheel in your trio.

13. You always have each other’s backs.

14. You love and support each other.

15. You know you’ll be best friends forever.