15 Signs You Are In Denial Of Graduating
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15 Signs You Are In Denial Of Graduating

*Sobs uncontrollably.*

15 Signs You Are In Denial Of Graduating

Remember when you couldn’t wait to go to college? Yeah, me too. Graduation seemed like it was ages away, and you were so excited to see what life had in store for you. Well fast-forward four years, and now you are here- You’re about to graduate, and you just can’t figure out how you ended up as an adult. Don’t worry, you’re not alone. If you’re like almost every other college senior out there, here are 15 signs that you are in denial of graduating.

1. You haven’t updated your resume since sophomore year.

I mean, who needs a job anyway.

2. You’re not prepared for the real world.

Wait, I have to actually balance my checkbook and pay my bills online?

3. You mark emails from your Student Loan Servicer as “spam.”

Sorry, Brian. I just can’t have this kind of negativity in my life right now. Nothing personal.

4. You spend more time designing your graduation cap than applying to jobs.


5. You can’t remember a single thing that you learned the past 4 years.

Is my major even real?

6. The local bartenders start to know you by name.

Alcohol keeps my mind pre-occupied, okay?

7. You’ve practiced walking across your room in your graduation wedges more than your interviewing skills.

Because falling across the stage as you take your first step into the adult world will be a real disaster.

8. You realize that never again can you measure time by semesters or breaks.

I’m sorry, what?

9. You strategize the best way to take advantage of all those student discount before it's too late.

Just cuz I’m almost a graduate, doesn’t mean I’m not still broke.

10. You’ve thought about going to grad school solely because you’re not ready to not be a student anymore.

And then you realize going to grad school is a lot of work.

11. You had every intention of buying that blazer at Express, but left with a lace bodysuit instead.

Lace can be considered business-cas, right?

12. The thought of moving back in with your parents is almost comforting.

And then you realize that you may or may not be going crazy.

13. You get nostalgic when you see underclassmen out on the weekends.

Don’t grow up, freshmen. It is a trap.

14. You start walking through campus a little slower than usual.

Nothing like taking a stroll down memory lane.

15. You don’t have a plan.

But did you ever really have one anyway?

The world beyond graduation is scary. For the past four years, you’ve been comfortable in your little corner of the world, and now what the heck are you going to do? Just because you are in denial, doesn’t mean you’re not ready. You’ve worked for this; you got it! Go you!

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