Top 15 Most Ridiculous 'Glee' Plot Lines That We Were All Somehow OK With In 2009
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Top 15 Most Ridiculous 'Glee' Plot Lines That We Were All Somehow OK With In 2009

And that's what you missed on 'GLEE!'

Top 15 Most Ridiculous 'Glee' Plot Lines That We Were All Somehow OK With In 2009

"Glee" was definitely a roller coaster ride of emotions through all the ridiculous teen drama from 2009-2015 and was overall a quality show, but there were some absolutely INSANE plotlines over the years. Here are 15 of them, to name a few:

1. Sue married herself

Yep, this is fine.

2. Terri became the school nurse and carelessly handed out pills to students

Despite not having any medical training or a background in nursing, Terri was hired as McKinley's temporary school nurse, "prescribing" students with vitamin D pills to boost their energy.

The glee club started taking them as performance enhancers when the boys and girls had to compete against each other in a mash-off.

3. Quinn gave birth as Vocal Adrenaline performed "Bohemian Rhapsody"

Who thought that an inter-cut of Quinn giving birth in tune with Bohemian Rhapsody was a good idea? WHO!

4. Mercedes sang "Bust Your Windows" after throwing a rock at Kurt's car

Mercedes busted Kurt's windshield because she had a crush on him and was butthurt when she heard that he liked Rachel instead. The best part about this is Kurt is gay and didn't like either of them.

5. Grilled Cheesus

Finn made a grilled cheese sandwich that resembled Jesus, so naturally he prayed to it and thought it would grant him the luxury of touching Rachel's boobs. Also, let's not forget that when the grilled cheese was eaten he sang "Losing My Religion." Yeah. So that happened.

6. Tina was obsessed with Blaine

Tina was literally in LOVE with Blaine even though she knew they could never be together. Not to mention she seductively rubbed vapor rub on his chest when he was asleep.

7. Blaine almost got blinded by a slushy with rock salt in it

The entirety of the Michael Jackson episode was a fever dream.

8. Brittany got into MIT 

Brittany literally had a 0.0 GPA and didn't graduate on time, but she was deemed a math genius and was accepted into MIT.

9. Sue was a hardcore Klaine shipper and locked them in an elevator until they kissed

What even was this. It doesn't even seem real but no this actually was a thing.

10. Kurt, Rachel, and Santana's apartment was robbed by a sexy stripper Santa

??????? What was the reason.

11. Rachel sent Sunshine to a crack house

Uh? Rachel sent Sunshine to a crack house because she was threatened by her wanting to join the glee club. Rachel KNEW Sunshine had the potential to outshine her and take all her solos away. And we all just let this one slide???

12. Terri faked her pregnancy

Now that was messed up.

13. Santana dated Demi Lovato

I will never forgive the writers for breaking up Brittana and allowing this mess to happen.

14. Puck dated Rachel's biological mother

Oh so we all just thought this was normal and totally okay huh. Puck was 18 and Shelby was her 40s??? And Rachel's mom?? AND the adoptive mother of Puck and Quinn's baby? We-

15. Finn kissed Emma, so she left Will at the altar out of guilt

A whole entire mess. What did anyone gain from this?

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