1. Easy way to help keep you from texting your ex!

2. You like to look at pictures of men or women

3. You can be as picky as you want because more people will just pop up!

4. Random people will flirt with you and make your day

5. You might enjoy the slight boost to your ego when you match with someone attractive

6. You might believe that you will find the one on Tinder

7. Good way to meet new people if you are new to town

8. More than likely you won't get catfished

9. There is someone out there who is probably looking for the same thing that you are, whatever that might be

10. You can go on dates pretty much whenever you want, odds are someone is going to ask

11. You get to laugh at all the insane pickup lines you'll receive

12. You can figure out the characteristics you like in people and the ones you could live without

13. It is exciting to see people interested and compliment you for the things you may not like about yourself

14. It is easier to communicate with people that you don't know

15. You may find everything you have ever been looking for