1. The start of warm weather.

This is the first sign that spring is coming! The snow is melting, the sun starts to come out more, and we can smell the change in the air. Stepping outside on the first sign of warm weather is a great feeling.

2. Hiking.

By this time everyone is tired of being cooped up inside, especially when it comes to the gym. Hiking is the perfect way to get exercise and enjoy the great weather. Plus think of the amazing views from the top!

3. Eating outside.

So many restaurants have outdoor seating. Warm weather is the perfect time to enjoy lunch outside.

4. Spring cleaning.

Bear with me. Although not many of us like to actually do the cleaning, none of us can deny the satisfaction of having a nice clean house and decluttering all the junk we piled up over the long winter.

5. The end of the school year is close.

When spring comes it is the first sign that we have reached the home stretch of the school year. No student, or teacher, for that matter can deny what a good feeling this realization is.

6. Spring clothes.

No more big clunky coats, bulky sweaters, or snow boots. Now we get to actually wear what we want without having to worry if we are going to freeze walking outside. An added bonus is that “I need spring clothes” is a great excuse to go shopping (as if we really needed one).

7. No more snow.

By this point in the year the snow is no longer pretty and sparkly. Instead it is brown and dirty and basically just in our way, so since we are no longer holding out for any more snow days we are all ready to say goodbye to the snow.

8. Flowers start to bloom.

Whether we receive them or just get to look at them, flowers are pretty and cheerful. Seeing them bloom all over is something that everyone benefits from.

9. Spring Break.

Whether you are going on an awesome vacation with your friends or staying home and binge watching Netflix, a week off from school is a week well spent.

10. Driving with your windows down.

Going for a ride and being able to roll the windows down while you are listening to your favorite songs makes your drives much easier.

11. Outdoor parties.

After being cooped up inside all winter everyone goes outside every chance they get. So outdoor parties are another fun way to enjoy the nice weather.

12. Taking your pets outside.

We all know this is the real reason to look forward to spring. Going on walks with your dog and taking them outside to play is always enjoyable.

13. Closer to summer vacations.

Those beach trips are much closer now. The countdowns are winding down and we have the excitement of starting to prepare for them!

14. The sun sets later.

More daylight! The days are longer which means there is more time for you to do things. No more sunsets before we even get home from school and work.

15. Not having to shovel or brush your car off.

This is a major reason to be excited about spring. Not having to stand outside in the cold every time you have to go somewhere just to shovel and brush off your car!