15 Reasons I Love My Gay Best Friend

15 Reasons I Love My Gay Best Friend

It won’t hurt to have a gay best friend. It would when you think they don’t make this world a better place

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There is a unique sense to a friendship, when a woman has a gay best friend. There is a lot more honesty, they know how to make you you laugh and cry in the same sitting, their sense of style is on point and they are always ready to go have a fun night. I'm not trying to say that I don't have a lot of female friends I can't go to for a wine night, nor am I categorizing all gay men to be like my gay best friend. What I am trying to say is that, having a friend that you can be yourself around and not get judged, because every day they are getting judged for living the way they do, shows us who the bigger people in this world are.

Since I had this mentality and openness, I began to have friends who were "different" but different is NOT a bad thing. I began learning about them, what made them happy, what made them sad, I opened my eyes at how unfair they would get treated in school, and in the real world. I understood them and I knew that I was no one to judge, but I knew that they were people, and they have feelings too. They just needed a friend, someone they could be themselves around. So I let them know that they could confide in me, and they let me confide in them. I just think that gay men make the best friends for any female.

Here are 15 reasons why I love having a gay best friend:

They tell you the truth.

They are clean.

They are perfect to go shopping with.

They compliment you.

They admire cute boys with you.

They are always down for a "wine, and chick flick kind of night."

They will obsess over Lana Del Rey with you.

They text you funny things.

They don't like to see you heartbroken.

They go from Taylor Swift to Beyonce, REAL QUICK.

They will quote movies with you.

They are there for you when times get scary and you realize you're an adult, but you still don't know how to "Adult"

They share so many qualities with myself, but from a male perspective.

They give the best non-awkward, tightest, warmest, and longest hugs you could ever ask for.

They love you for who you are, and care about you. They have some of the biggest hearts, literally ready to drop anything and everything for you.

In life you need someone to tell you without hesitation how strong you are, how great your aspirations in life are, or even how stupid you are for buying that ugly jacket. It won’t hurt to have a gay best friend. It would when you think they don’t make this world a better place. So if you have a gay best friend, go have some coffee with them today or call them ask them how their day is going. They need us, just as much as you need them. Remember that they are people and they have feelings, so please be respectful.

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