As the fall semester winds down, it seems that college becomes 10x worse than it was a few short months ago. No longer are the easy class days and all your free time. No more watching Netflix for hours; instead studying for your four exams and furiously typing all those papers, with breakdowns in between. It is no longer, I LOVE COLLEGE, but how long till this is over? The following are 15 questions that all students ask themselves as break begins closer and the semester is almost over..finally.

How many coffees have I had today?

Skipping one class won't really hurt me, right?

If I start crying in class, will I get to leave?

Why are group projects still a thing?!

Why are you trying to teach me new material still?

This will all be on the final?

When did you even teach this?

If I don't study that much, will it really affect my grade?

What's the lowest grade I can afford to get on this test and still pass the class?

Will the test be scaled?

Why even try to study more at this point?

Can I just avoid all social aspects life right now?

Where would I rather be right now?

How many days till vacation?

How did I even make it through this time last year?