To outsiders, EIU is just another state university, but to students, current and past, it's a way of life. There are just some things only EIU students would understand, no matter what year they graduated. Eastern Illinois University is said to be 'The Harvard of the Midwest', and if you didn't or don't go there, you definitely won't understand these photos.

1. When you have at least 15 pictures just like this on your camera roll

2. When you're too lazy to walk to class, so you take a chance and park in the staff lot

3. When someone says, "Eastern's fun and all, but I'd never go there"

4. When the person working the Stevo grill puts someone else's egg-veggies on the grill even though you put yours down first

5. When the school charges you $120 for a 'damaged' textbook you used a max of 3 times the entire semester

6. When it's Krispy Kreme Thursday

7. When you make the mistake of going to the rec at 4 PM

8. Whenever you walk into Doudna

9. When you go to a Thai restaurant that isn't T Garden

10. When you're the only Illinois state school that doesn't get classes canceled during a blizzard

11. When you're walking to class and Brother Jed calls you a whore

12. When it's been 10 minutes since you finished your dining hall meal

13. When you have a class in Old Main that ends at 11:50, and a class in Lumpkin that starts at 12

14. When you ask your professor a question and they respond, "The answer to that is on D2L."

15. When people ask if you like/liked EIU