15 Types Of People You Meet In College

In your first year of college you meet a lot of different types of people, these people change the way you look at things and teach you new lessons. So here are the 15 types of people you meet in college.

1. Your new best friend

When you go to college, chances are that you went to a different place than your best friends from high school. Which means you need to make new friends, and fast, or you'll get kinda lonely

2. The teachers pet

That one person who HAS to answer every question the professor asks, no matter what. They stay after class to talk to the professor about the lecture, and they have all the answers.

3. That person who always goes home

No matter how far they live from school, they always seem to go home every weekend.

4. The bum

There's always that one person who never gets out of bed. They skip their classes, sleep all day, and don't do their laundry till they have nothing clean to wear.

5.The gym freak

We all know that one person who spends every second of their free time in the weight room at the gym.

6. The partier

That one kid who seems to know exactly where every party is every night, and you're pretty sure you've never seen them totally sober.... But they're always good if you want to know where the party is.

7. The jock

Different from the gym freak, the jock plays every intramural they can, and can always be found doing some kind of athletic activity around campus.

8. The mom

There is always that one person who is the mom (or dad) of their friend group. They keep all the keys and phones and other important things when the group goes out.

9. The person who has their life together

We all know that one person who seems to have their life together, or at least they act like they do. Just copy them and you should be okay.

11. Your unofficial roommate

This can wrap back around to your new best friend, if you're not already roommates. You spend 99% of your time in the others room and already practically live together. At times you actually feel bad for you unofficial roommate's roommate because you're always there.

12. The library hermit

You've never see this person outside of the library, and every time you go to the library, they're always there, sitting in the same place.

13. The people you only see for exams

There is always that one person in each of your classes that you only see for exams, unless attendance is mandatory, then they probably drop the class.

14. The over involved person

We all know that one person who is literally involved with everything, every club and intramural available. And knowing them, they're probably the president or captain of whatever it is.

15. The one with way too much school spirit

It's one thing to support your school, it's another thing to be insanely supportive. And we all know that one crazy fan.

College is a time to grow and learn, and you meet so many amazing, and interesting, people. It's a time to broaden your horizons and learn new things. You'll have so many amazing experiences and it's a time to figure out who you are. So, how many of these people have you met?

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