15 Things Only People From Cincinnati Understand

1. You either love or loathe the Steelers and the entire state of Michigan

2. Greaters Ice Cream, specifically Black Raspberry Chip, is one of the best things known to man

3. You aren't really sure why the Cincinnati Airport is in Kentucky

4. You wouldn't dip your big toe in the Ohio River, even for a hundred bucks

5. You strangely call Buffalo Wild Wings, B-Dubs

6. You secretly look for all the painted winged pigs all around Cincinnati

7. You have seen Touchdown Jesus while driving

8. While you accept the ultimate disappointment and losses of the Bengals, you still love them

9. You brag that George Clooney, Walk The Moon, Steven Spielberg, and Pete Rose are all from Cincinnati

10. You also sometimes try to forget that Jerry Springer was mayor...that's if you even remembered.

11. You always wonder why the Purple People Bridge isn't really that purple...

12. The best time to go to Kings Island is during Fear Fest aka Halloween Haunt

13. You also know the best time to go to the Zoo is during Christmas to see the lights

14. You adore and appreciate all the ArtWorks murals downtown


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