15 Online Games Millennials Played As A Kid

I bet that if you're a millennial, these websites will bring back some nostalgia. I remember spending countless hours on these websites. These were the places to go to waste time, entertain yourself, and just relax. It's a shame that most of these websites are not playable anymore since they were shut down. I wish I could still play some of these games.

1. Poptropica

I played on this website for hours on end. I remember not realizing that this game was educational. I loved to bounce around and try on all of the superhero costumes! Fortunately, while looking for this website for this article, I realized you can still play! The only downside that might make you feel kind of old is that the age limit is 15. But, pretend you're 15 and go play!

2. Webkinz

Remember when you begged your parents to buy a ridiculously priced stuffed animal just so you could use its code and play with it virtually? You can now buy them at stores for under $5 which makes me mad because of how much money I spent on them. You can now play this game without even needing a stuffed animal! Unfortunately, if you don't have a code, your access is limited.

3. Club Penguin

It was a sad day recently when I heard the news that Club Penguin was being shut down. I always would beg my mom to pay for my $5 a month membership so I could have the pretty puffles and the best clothes in the igloo. RIP Club Penguin. You will be missed.

4. Neopets

I personally didn't play neopets too much, but I know everyone else did! On this game, you could take care of your virtual pet and take it exploring! You had to remember to log on and feed it though, or else it would be really depressing when you logged on one day and found out that your pet died. You can still play this game as well!

5. Millsberry

Millsberry's website was practically a large advertisement for Millsberry cereal, but it was still fun! You could create your character and their house and take your character around and play games! Unfortunarely, this game is no longer able to play. I remember loving the Cinnamon Toast Crunch Plinko game!

6. Nicktropolis

This game was a staple once it came out. I remember thinking that it was the future of gaming (lol). I don't remember too much about this game other than the fact that a bunch of the rooms were paint splatters and that you could go to different places and play different themed games. This game is no longer running.

7. Toontown

Toontown was the best way to play with your friends. This Disney game was released for its users to defeat cogs and save the "tooniverse." It was an essential on our desktops. I always asked my parents to buy a membership to this game too! Disney shut down this game awhile ago, but fans have brought it back! The best part? It's all free! You can do everything that only the paying members used to only be able to do. It's also pretty funny because the only people who play this game is adults who played as a kid. Play it at toontownrewritten.com

8. Amanda Please

If you watched "The Amanda Show," I don't even need to explain this website. Here, you could see exclusive footage of Amanda from the Amanda Show! Since the show is no longer on air, neither is the website. If you try to go to it, it just redirects you to nick.com

9. Myscene

Myscene was a website where you could virtually play with Myscene dolls. Here, you could accessorize your character, paint her nails, and just play games with her. I remember taking my character to the salon and thinking I was a for sure future cosmetologist. This website is no longer up.

10. Barbie Makeover

Just like Myscene, I just liked to take my Barbie to the hair salon and make her beautiful. This just continued to validate my future in hair and nails. This website is nowhere to be found.

11. Cool Math Games

This was the website that I could get away with playing on at school because I could justify it by saying I was learning. Although I don't know how I was learning while playing a whole lot of Bloons Tower Defense. This website is still running. I might find myself playing some Bloons Tower Defense later... (also, why was balloon spelled like that?)

12. Addicting Games

Just like the name of the website, this website had some addicting games. There were tons of different caregories of games to choose from. Everyone could find a game on here that they loved...but I'm pretty sure everyone played The Impossible Quiz 40,000 times. Luckily, this website is still up, so I can try to beat my score in The Impossible Quiz.

13. Wizard 101

This game was one I never really got into. I know that you were a wizard and you would have to complete quests to advance in the game. This is another one that you had to pay for to get any real gameplay out of it. This game is still available to play!

14. Runescape

Runescape is a game I played for the longest time. You could play for free, but to really get any fun out of it, you had to pay. I still play this game, honestly. It has changed a ton since it first came out, though. If you play now and you pay for your membership, you can play on the old school version as well as the new one, so that's pretty cool!

15. Barbie: Let's Babysit Krissy

I played this game all the time as a child and was convinced I could be an actual babysitter because this game prepared me. I loved this game so much. I just remember being able to take care of the baby and thinking I was pretty good at it. You can still play this game.

I hope this brought back some nostalgia for you. Have fun playing on the websites that are still able to be played!

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