With the recent release of the smartphone app "Pokémon Go," video game enthusiasts and childhood nostalgists alike have thrown themselves in the world of Pokémon and have been playing since. The app allows players to search the world around them and find the virtual Pokémon by using a cellular GPS. The creatures and meeting areas appear at both concrete landmarks and random places, causing some of the Pokémon to show up in places they probably shouldn't.

Here are 15 of the most absurd locations where the creatures of Pokémon Go have to decided to show up so far.

1. In the middle of the road, true to the original games.

2. In the facilities of professional sports teams.

3. At the grave of one of their own.

4. In front of trains.

5. At a raging party.

6. At the maternity ward.

7. On the dinner menu.

8. In occupied bathroom stalls.

9. At restaurants.

10. Facing off against pets.

11. In clothing.

12. At strip clubs.

13. In the trash.

14. At funerals.

15. Invading very personal space.

And if these aren't crazy enough, with the app's popularity growing rapidly by the hour, even more insane Pokémon appearances can be expected in the near future. Go catch'em all!