On the hilarious "30 Rock," Tina Fey portrays Liz Lemon, the often pessimistic, witty creator and writer for "The Girly Show." Her attitude towards the constant chaotic and zany happenings of the 30 Rock set and NBC's cast of characters makes her the perfect representation of many students' opinions of their classes, school, professors, and most importantly, their finals, going into the last few weeks of the semester.

There are enough relatable Liz Lemon quotes within a binge-watching session of 30 Rock to distract a student for the entirety of finals week, but here are some of my favorites:

1. On food:

We all need some snacks to get us through the horrors of studying and finals.

2. On tea bags:

Tea Bag

When you know you the right thing to do is studying, even when it's the worst thing you'll ever have to do.

3. On eating:

When you still haven't learned any self-control and eat a snack for every hour of studying you do (or maybe every 10 minutes...).

4. On bedtime

When you've officially become the grandma of the group and can't imagine making any late night plans when you have tests in the morning.

5. On the real victories

When you have to reward yourself for the little things during such a stressful time.

6. On a strong "no"

When your professor makes your professor cumulative and you remember absolutely nothing from the majority of the semester.

7. On warmth

When you're wrapped up in a blanket in a library and are getting stared at by the entirety of the library.

8. On word counts

When you're desperately putting together a final paper and you're grasping at straws for relatable quotes.

9. On consolation

When you're trying to comfort a friend crying about their tests but you have your own tests to worry about too.

10. On your current state

When you don't have enough time or energy to actually cry from stress so you just have to pretend.

11. On English-ing

When you're trying to get food delivered but you're completely delirious from studying and not sleeping for 48 hours.

12. On being hangry

When you finally coherently order food and it's taken over an hour to get there.

13. On realism

When you walk into your most dreaded final knowing that it will not go well.

14. On desperation

When you have to call on the powers-that-be to recall that random piece of information your professor put on your final.

15. On being DONE.

When you finally walk out of your last exam and are completely post-verbal and don't even have the motivation to speak.

Now that you have a little Liz Lemon inspiration, go out and kick those finals' butts!