1. It is okay to say no when you don't want to do something.

Just because all of your friends are doing it is okay to say no, regardless of who is asking.

2. Never let anybody take advantage of you.

Remember that the favors can go both ways, don't let anybody use you.

3. It's okay to be myself, she will always accept me.



4. Never ignore your gut feelings.

Usually when you have a bad feeling about something or someone, the feeling is coming for a reason and should not be ignored!

5. Do what makes you happy.

If it makes you smile, do it. Do not worry about what anybody else thinks about what you are doing or how you are doing it.

6. Not everybody has your best interests in mind.

7. Not as many people are staring at you as you think.

It's definitely okay to go to Stop & Shop without make-up on, because not as many people are going to notice you as you think. Not everybody is looking at you or judging you, even if it does feel that way.

8. Nobody notices your insecurities until you point them out.

If you don't mention whatever it may be that has you feeling insecure, it is guaranteed that nobody will notice because nobody is as hard on you as you are on yourself.

10. Negative thoughts bring negative outcomes, and situations always get better.

11. It's okay to let people help you.

It's okay not to be able to do everything by yourself. Sometimes you just have to ask for help, and my mom is there to help me.

12. Forgive, but don't forget.

Holding a grudge is not healthy but never let yourself be fooled twice.

13. Siblings make the best friends.

Your siblings most likely have to go the same events that you have to go to, which means they make a great friend at awkward social events. You probably have 10 million inside jokes and they'll always be someone that is willing to fight with you or against you.

14. Believe in yourself.

15. You will end up exactly where you belong.

No matter how close or far away it seems, you will get to exactly where you're going.