15 Unique Odyssey Topic Ideas

Writer's block can be a creative mind's worst enemy, but you don't have to let it stop you from writing an awesome article (or anything really). If you ever find yourself wracking your brain for a topic, this list gives you fifteen unique ideas to help you get started.

1. A Day In My Life At X Years Old

Pull out those embarrassing childhood photos and reminisce over the best (or worst) year of your life.

2. X Things To Do Off Campus At [Insert College Here]

Take your readers on a tour of your college community. Who knows? Maybe you'll find your new favorite coffee shop?

3. If I Could Trade Lives With Any Fictional Character, It Would Be [Insert Character]

Insert yourself into your favorite literary or TV universe. What would your life be like?

4. An Open Letter To My Favorite Coworkers

Show your work friends some love!

5. X Conversations You Overhear At Every University Library

Take a study break and do a little eavesdropping.

6. A Day In My Life, As Described By [Insert TV Show]

Everyone loves a good GIF Listicle now and then.

7. X Things I Miss About My Hometown

Ease your homesickness with a little hometown nostalgia.

8. X Essentials You Need To Bring To Your First Apartment

If you've moved off campus, share your must-haves!

9. X Things I Wish I Learned In High School

You know, besides "The mitochondria is the powerhouse of the cell'.

10. Why [Insert Show/Movie] Is No Longer My Favorite Show/Movie

As we get older, our opinions change, so we might not love the same things as we used to.

11. I'm Terrified Of [Insert Fear], But That Is Okay

Everyone has fears that others may see as "irrational" when they really aren't.

12. X Smells That Remind Me Of My Childhood

Scents are very strongly associated with memories. Reflect on the smells that make you nostalgic.

13. Why [Insert Good Luck Charm] Brings Me Good Luck

Do you have a lucky jersey or a favorite horseshoe? Write about it!

14. I've Seen [Insert Band] X Times, But That Doesn't Make Me A Groupie

Share your passion for your favorite band or singer.

15. X Things You See On TV While Channel-Surfing Past Midnight

Mostly infomercials and old sitcoms you forgot (or never knew) existed, but there might be something there.

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