15 Iconic Memories From Avatar The Last Airbender
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15 Iconic Memories From Avatar The Last Airbender

There are so many more, but here are my faves.

15 Iconic Memories From Avatar The Last Airbender

This past weekend, my friends and I decided that the absolute best way to spend our Saturday night was to start rewatching Avatar the Last Airbender. I remember watching ATLA every week in grade school and it was one of my absolute faves the entire time it aired and for some time after (i.e. it still is). So here are some of the best moments, as recollected by me and my friends while rewatching the first half of Book One:

1. Penguin Sledding

Of course the first thing you would think to do after being stuck in an iceberg for 100 years is to go penguin sledding. It's the only logical option.


This character is easily one of the most iconic peripheral characters of this entire series. Poor guy's cabbages are never safe from our heroes.

3. Bumi's tests

Bumi is easily one of the craziest and most beloved characters. My favorite of his three tests is when Aang has to retrieve his pet, Flopsy, who of course is the giant monster, not the cute little bunny-like creature.

4. That time Sokka fell in love with the moon

Well, technically he fell in love with Yue who just so happened to become the moon spirit, but still, that's rough, buddy.

5. Toph

High key one of my absolute faves. Some of my favorite Toph moments are her learning to Metal Bend and her continuous blind jokes.

6. When Sokka got stuck in the ground

While Aang is trying to learn how to Earth Bend, Sokka gets stuck in a giant crack in the ground and almost dies #ClassicSokka

7. When Sokka gets his sword

While he may always be known for his boomerang, Sokka's swordsmanship lessons are an important part of his character development.

8. The Kyoshi Warriors

Suki and her warriors are the boss ass bitches I aspire to be. Also, I appreciate the poignant lessons about sexism that they taught Sokka and all of their young viewers.

9. The Turtle Island Episode


10. "Wang and Saphire Fire"

Sokka really needs to think ahead before making up alibi names.

11. Haru

Much like Katara, I think Haru is a pretty man. Also, this episode is pretty fantastic

12. "There is no war within the walls. Here we are safe. Here we are free."

The Dai Le are still some of the freakiest bad guys in ATLA. I would feel worse for Jet if he weren't such a reprehensible character.

13. Zuko trying to be good

Poor Zuko. All of that energy and honor-driven passion aren't that good at making you new friends. Don't worry, it all works out fine.


Would any ATLA conversation be complete without mentioning the Secret Tunnel Episode? I think not.

15. Ember Island Players

And, of course, we talked about this episode and it's many facets repeatedly. It's a gem. Just like this show.

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