15 Hobbies To Pick Up Right Now
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Student Life

15 Hobbies To Pick Up Right Now

None of these include sleeping or eating.

15 Hobbies To Pick Up Right Now

A hobby is something that you desire doing in your spare time that may last a long time or a week. I myself go through hobbies like nobody's business. We all need hobbies! Here is a list that should keep you happily entertained for a while.

1. Photography

Right now everyone needs photographers. Whether you'll be taking them of your furry pooch or the cute engaged couple you know in town.

2. Calligraphy

Calligraphy is the number one font in EVERYTHING right now. There is only a certain amount of people who know how to write in calligraphy. Wedding planners are all over people who know how to write in calligraphy, plus its just fun to write that way.

3. Make Bath Bombs

Paying $5+ for a bath bomb is ridiculous. But, how cool would it be to just make your own for a lot less?

4. Yoga/Meditation

People think that this is only something to do to get fit. But it is also great for stress relief and relaxation.

5. Shopping

This is my personal favorite hobby. I need shopping in my life or else I will go crazy. Something is so easy about spending money.

6. Fun Exercise Routines

Exercise gets boring when you are doing the same exercises all the time. Spice it up with fun routines like indoor rock climbing.

7. DIY a Day

This is something that I like to call "Do it Yourself a Day." Pick multiple DIY projects that you are up for trying and when you're bored, pick one to do that day.

8. Volunteering

Volunteering never hurt anyone. Not only is it good to help out people and places in need but it is a huge resume builder. We all need those!

9. Binge Watch a New TV Show

Ahhh, nothing better than binge watching a new TV show. The feeling of watching a show from start to finish feels so satisfying.

10. Begin Journaling or Writing

This is the perfect outlet to a bored or even a fun filled day. Writing everything down not only makes it easy to remember but something you will cherish forever.

11. Play Card Games

This will keep you and your friends occupied for hours. I do this on the daily. Watch out when we play UNO.

12. Try Mixing Music

Soundcloud is the ultimate way to listen to cool remixes of songs. Powerhours are my personal favorite on soundcloud.

13. Make a "Dream House" Board

We all want our dream home to look a specific way when we are older. The perfect way to keep that image is to lay out your dream home on a board that you will have forever until that time comes! Change it or leave it.

14. Learn to Cook

Cooking is amazing as it brings people together every night. After you cook enough and find a recipe that you make pretty damn good, everyone will be wanting you to make that all the time.

15. Collecting

Collecting items includes a fun process. You think of what you want to collect and you HUNT for it.

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