15 Highly Unattractive Habits of College Guys

15 Highly Unattractive Habits of College Guys

There are some things we just can't stand.


1. Never comment on how you look.

You could tell him multiple times how nice he looks but never receive a compliment in return. Some boys never listened to their momma when she taught manners and etiquette.

2. Tell you how "cute" you are.

You are not a little girl, so do not tolerate this treatment.

3. Have facial piercings/tattoos.

I’d rather you take that stick out of your nose...it distracts me.

4. Be clingy AF.

Here’s to those guys who never give you a chance to breathe, whether it be through texting or in person. It’s a major red flag. Run away while you can.

5. Ask you to hang at his place instead of taking you on a date.

Some guys are so cute- they think they’ll actually get away with this.

6. Not tell you if he likes your family after the first meeting.

If you don’t like mom, dad, and the siblings, then you’re out of the running.

7. Pretend to be “country” or “ghetto”.

Nothing is worse than a poser, let’s be honest.

8. Tell you that he doesn't want anything serious...ever.

Why are we even talking then?

9. Make fun of you for being bad at something.

I know I am not good at everything, but there’s no need to remind me.

10. Never reply to texts after he's read them/never text you after meeting only once.

Some guys will never give you the chance to get to know them, and in that case, it’s usually for the best.

11. Never accept your Facebook friend request.

Umm, hello? Aren’t we friends?

12. Get awkwardly loud in a public place.

Please be quiet. My friends already think you are questionable.

13. Flirt with your best friend.

A totally bad move. Automatic drop to the bottom of the food chain. If you’re going to openly be a player, I won’t waste my precious time.

14. Have bad hygiene.

No need to explain anything on this one. You all know what I mean...

15. Wear Birkenstocks.

It’s just kinda girly, and it low key creeps me out. I'm sure some girls like it, but I am not sure why.

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