Senior year of high school can be stressful. Acceptance letters, test scores, financial aid packets... it can be a lot. No one can dictate to you what you'll experience your first semester. Here are 15 'a-ha' moments you'ull have in you're first semester.

1) Going local is not the end of the world. You may never live on campus, but there are some perks. You'll thank your parents when you actually have money to, oh I don't know, do anything besides study and cry.

2) Going out of state is stressful, but worth it. It's your first taste of freedom without being completely on your own. Making mistakes is probably inevitable, but you always have break to get your life back together.

3) You will regret that 8 am class after one week. Right now you think you want to be productive early in the day and have time for friends later. I bet my scholarship money you'll envy your friend who doesn't have to move a muscle until noon. Also, you will love pajamas that are suitable to wear in public

4) You will hate the cafeteria half way through the semester. Like any good relationship, spontaneity keeps things alive. Eventually, Taco Tuesday and Mediterranean Friday will make you want to throw up.

5) You'll lose a lot of high school friends. Face it, it's hard to talk to someone that is hundreds of miles away everyday. Between clubs, Greek life and finals, people grow apart.

6) You'll find the friends that will stick with you for a lifetime. If you are able to keep one or two friends, there will be nothing life can throw at you that can tear it apart.

7) You're college crew will grow and shrink, but they'll be your life support. There's no garuntee every person you were friends with in that huge group chat will stick around the whole time, but that core group of yours will help you through some of the inevitable hardships that plague any freshman, like how to pop popcorn without burning down the dorms.

8) Joining a Greek organization or other club will make you're week extra fun. From personal experience, Greek life helped to make my first semester so memorable. From philanthropy work to formal, it was great to be part of something bigger than myself.

8) If something doesn't work out, it's ok. Getting a B is not the end of the world. Being rejected is not the end of the world. You're first hook up disaster is not the end of the world. Loosing your organization is not the end of the world. Things get better, new paths open, and you will go on.

10) You will learn how to bullsh**. If you don't know how to do it convincingly at the moment, you will perfect the trade in no time at all.

11) If you don't know your limit now, be with trustworthy people when you test it. If you don't drink, don't test out your tolerance at a frat party. I love my Greek men, but lots of drunk people in one small living area in a house can be clausterphobic and slippery even to a sober person (please do it in the safety of a dorm or your own home with people you trust).

12) You'll be happy you went to extra orientation. My school's, summer orientation supplement gave me my first tangible college friends. #mightymambos.

13) You will hear stories that shock you. This is a new environment, with new people from different backgrounds. You never know someone's story. It may surprise you. Appreciate their bravery and drive, and be there for them when they need you.

14). Believe her. Believe him. Believe them.

15) You may not have it now, but you will. At least you hope you will. If you don't, well... you have four years.