15 Confessions Of A Black Nerd: Volume 2

15 Confessions Of A Black Nerd: Volume 2

Y'all aren't ready for this one either.

Here are 15 MORE confessions from your favorite black nerd. I'm here once again to show you the world of Doug in a light you've never seen before. You will laugh, you will cry, and you will most certainly think I'm weird... and that's okay. Let us proceed.

1. Macbook > Microsoft

1.8GHz dual-core Intel Core i5 Processor with 128 GB storage and 8GB of memory with up to 16 hours of battery life? Do you even lift Microsoft?

2. If it is free, it is for me.

You already know that your boy will come through if there are free items within a three-to-four-mile radius.

3. My favorite meme this month goes to...


4. I'm pretty athletic

Catch me on the track. You're looking at the next Usain Bolt. Believe me.

5. Call GEICO and save 15% or more on car insurance

I thoroughly enjoy the gecko's cunning British dialect. I hope you do too.

6. I'm honestly blessed to be a part of Odyssey Stony Brook

I hope to grow more with these wonderful writers and editors in hopes of creating a better community for all!

7. I'm excited for "Stranger Things" Season 2

Dustin, Mike, and Lucas are BAAAAAAACK. Let's go!

8. Pizza is the single greatest entity in the known universe

Homer Pizza

Only true legends will indulge in this pure oven-baked masterpiece.

9. Everything you learned in high school was a LIE.

You can only prepare for so much in High School.

10. "Hamilton" is living art personified

Lin-Manuel Miranda has changed the world and inspired a generation with this show (but was there any doubt?)

11. "Ed, Edd, and Eddy" Meme Joke #2: Furious 7

"And I'll tell you all about it when I see you again."

12. Best Hood Moment #3: The Golden State Warriors blew a 3-1 lead in the NBA Finals to the Cleveland Cavaliers.

No team had ever erased a 3-1 deficit in NBA Finals history until the 2016 Champion Cleveland Cavaliers. Especially against a team coming off the greatest regular season in history. Insane.

13. Not all nerds wear glasses, nor do all of them have a nerd look.

Being a nerd is universal. No matter the ethnicity or background of a particular person, we all have a little nerd in all of us, even if you don't necessarily want to show it.

14. I honestly got really hungry typing this second volume.

Really really really H U N G R Y.

15. I should go eat again.

Until next time.

Side Note: Here's Volume 1 for those who need more!

Cover Image Credit: Advertolog

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Doing Things On Your Own Should Be Celebrated, Not Pitied

Our time with ourselves should be just as treasured as our time with other people.


Despite living in an incredibly individualistic society, it is rare to hear of occasions in which people go to restaurants, sight-see, or head out to a bar… alone.

Humans are naturally sociable creatures. We thrive in groups, and we often reach out to each other in the hopes of making long-lasting connections. This is great! People need people, and completely isolating yourself from everyone can have negative consequences on your mental health.

However, this also means that we tend to latch onto one another in social situations. I'm sure many people would be confused at the thought of going to a bar alone without the prospect of meeting up with friends—but why?

Why is it that people need to be seen in public with other people? Is it because socializing gives us a sense of purpose in being out at all? Is there something inherently shameful about being seen alone?

There certainly shouldn't be.

So much good can come out of spending time in your own company. As much as we love our friends and family, sometimes we need our alone time, and this doesn't always mean that we stay in and binge-watch a new Netflix series. (Although many times it does, and that's totally cool too.)

Sometimes needing our privacy means heading out to get a cup of coffee and sitting in a cafe for hours without waiting for anyone. Sometimes it means visiting that museum you've never been to and soaking up all the art at your own pace. Sometimes it means that you need a break to sit with your thoughts.

So why do we feel such immense pity whenever we see someone standing alone?

If we see someone at the movie theater with their bag of popcorn and no clear sign of expecting anyone, why do we assume that means the person is a loner?

Maybe that person just wanted to enjoy a film they've waited years for, and maybe they couldn't watch it to its fullest extent with their best friend asking questions about it all the time. Maybe they had a rough week and want to sit with their popcorn—no questions asked.

Regardless of the reason, we should not be pitying anyone who stands apart from the crowd in a public space. Rather, we should remember that our time with ourselves should be just as treasured as our time with other people.

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