15 of the Most Common Awkward Instances at ORU

My life is a summation of embarrassing moments that I normally brush off because they happen so often. Being a student at Oral Roberts University lends itself to experiencing many awkward encounters that are very specific to our school! Here are 15 relatable embarrassing moments that happen to us all on a regular basis at ORU. Enjoy.

1. Getting caught taking a selfie in the hall of mirrors or at the Prayer Tower.

2. Tripping up the GC steps... #classic.

3. Squeezing past strangers to get to your seat in Chapel.

4. Not having your card ready quick enough to swipe at Saga or the AC, which causes you to hold up the entire line.

5. Sitting on a bean bag couch thing (what even are those things) in the Hammer Center, while surrounded by couples.

6. When you use the milk dispenser in Saga and the milk hits your bowl, deflects and then sprays all over you.

7. Holding the door open for someone who decides to keep walking past you or even go through another door. I did this for you!

8. Forgetting you're in Timko, where it is generally quiet, and talking way too loudly. This usually results in everyone in the lobby staring hardcore at you.

9. Getting in the elevator and telling someone to press the floor that is only one floor higher than the one you are currently on. I'm sorry, I'm exhausted and the stairs smell like burning rubber.

10. Stepping on goose poop. This is sadly a regular occurrence for most.

11. Another beverage issue in Saga: When you use the soda dispenser and the water or pop continues to pour out, even after you've removed your cup. Just slowly walk away...

12. Coming to class sweaty because you had your HPE class right before and didn't have time to shower. I promise people, I didn't choose to be this gross!

13. Changing with your door open or walking in the hall with your towel on when you forgot it was open dorms night.

14. Making awkward eye contact with people sitting desk.

15. Dropping your plate in Saga. Yet another #classic.

You can call these instances awkward. You can call these embarrassing. One thing is for sure though: They make life at ORU interesting, funny, and make great additions to our story books of life.

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