Art is an incredible way of expressing yourself in creative ways. I have found that I'm extremely passionate about learning more about hand lettering. I personally love to design and letter different Bible verses, through mediums such as acrylic paint, sharpies, and watercolors. I discovered that Instagram has an entire community of other women who are doing the exact same thing as I am! Other Instagram accounts have become an inspiration for my own artwork. The beautiful work of others allows me to discover new ways to express myself through art.

Here are some especially beautiful Biblical Handlettering Instagram accounts that you need to follow right now!

1. She Paints Truth (@shepaintstruth_)

This account is my personal favorite. Christie features different Instagram accounts and artists, which has helped me to discover the majority of the following accounts.

2. Hosanna Revival (@hosannarevival)

3. Melisa Garcia (@pienthesky)

4. Kelly Hollstrom (@lettersparrow)

5. Karla Storey (@karlastorey_)

6. Vallery Darmadji (@valster73)

7. Debbie (@handletteredtruth)

8. Cami Monet Miller (@camimonet)

9. Laura Talley (@lauratalley)

10. Bethany Joy (@bethanyjoy_art)

11. Krystal Whitten (@krystalletters)

12. Chrissy Colen (@lettersbychrissy)

13. Jeanette Longenecker (@lapetitejeanette)

14. Shelby McKernan (@shelbymaryann)

15. Melissa (Liss) Smith (@lissletters)