15 Awkward Moments That Every College Student Faces

15 Awkward Moments That Every College Student Faces

Warning: This DOES NOT mean you will magically be able to avoid these moments.

Ally Charleston

If you agonize over every awkward moment you find yourself in like I do, I’m gonna brief you on some pretty common awkward encounters you will inevitably have on a college campus. Maybe if you can read this article it will give you a head start on avoiding these common occurrences so you never have to leave a situation cringing. That’s way too optimistic, you will definitely experience some of these whether you expect to or not. But, a little wisdom never hurt nobody.

1. The moment when your phone goes off in a class or lecture and it takes way too long to shut it off.

2. The moment when you pass an acquaintance and don’t know whether to say hi or to smile or just to not acknowledge them at all.

3. The moment when you see your professor out in the real world doing real things and you don’t know how to react to it or if you should wave.

4. The moment when you run into someone you hooked up with once or a couple of times and you don’t know whether to make conversation or just pretend it never happened.

5. The moment when you take out someone’s laundry so you can put yours in and the second you do they walk in and you both just freeze.

6. The moment when someone tries to flirt with you but it’s just painful to witness and you don’t know how to handle it.

7. The moment when your roommate walks in on you doing something really weird and you want to explain yourself but you’re afraid that will just make things worse.

8. The moment when you run into someone who you became “best friends” with while drunk and you don’t know how to act around them when you’re sober.

9. The moment when you attempt to go to the gym because you think you won’t run into anyone you know and then you do.

10. The moment when you run out of dining dollars and your card gets rejected in front of a line of people and you have to scramble to pull out your debit card.

11. The moment when you walk by people trying to get you to sign up for a club or an event and you give them the “Oh, I will be back later” but they know you won’t be back later.

12. The moment when you finally gain some courage to speak in class and you get the answer completely wrong.

13. The moment when you show up at an event because they were offering free food but then realize you have no good excuse to just leave after you eat.

14. The moment when you finally accept that if you don’t go to see your professor outside class you’re going to fail but then when you do go to office hours, you just end up feeling worse.

15. The moment when you spend the entirety of a class on your laptop and can’t tell if your professor hates you for it or if they think you’re actually doing work and not online shopping.

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