The (Real) Freshman 15
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The (Real) Freshman 15

You can actually gain more than just weight and homework your freshman year.

The (Real) Freshman 15

Up until you arrive to your dorm in August, the media warns you about the one thing you’ll gain your freshman year: 15 pounds, found in the extra amounts of food and homework. Now, for some people, that is a pretty accurate representation of their first year, but it would be a pretty sad freshman year if all you did was sit in your dorm, eat, watch Netflix, and do homework. So what other knowledge can you gain from the long 6 to 9 lab and the always present Ben and Jerry’s temptation?

1. Time Management:

You can finish that final episode of "Walking Dead," but study for that Spanish quiz first! Don’t take away the things you enjoy all the time, but if you lack the motivation, get homework done right away and then you can splurge.

2. Nap Time is the Best Time:

I hated naps, but college can wear you out (emotionally and physically). I realized that taking the time to rest makes you a more enjoyable person to be around and gives you that burst of energy necessary to carry you through the rest of the day.

3. Communication with your family keeps you sane:

Your mom misses you, so call her as much as you can! Your family can inform you the details of what is going on at home and vice versa. You are still their baby girl and they want to make sure you are safe.

4. Go on a hike:

The fresh air is great and the exercise keeps you healthy and focused in class.

5. Visit Other Colleges:

Have friends on other campuses? Go and visit them! Stay in their dorm, eat their food and go to a football game, and then invite them to come to you!

6. Coffee Tastes Better at 7 am:

I love warming up to the coffee on campus and am realizing it is a great way to stay awake in your 8 a.m. math class.

7. Go to Class (but not all the time):

Sometimes you are blessed with a professor that doesn’t take attendance and doesn’t have online homework. I am not suggesting that you miss every single class, but if you have an exam right after that class, you missing one or two classes is not going to ruin your grade.

8. Join A Club and Get Involved:

Join a club, organization or volunteer on the weekends. You can get involved with many or just stick with one. Maybe you will be your graduating class president or the treasurer for the Harry Potter Movie Fan Club.

9. Explore your campus:

There’s always a place you haven’t seen or gone to, so explore! Exploring can also lead you to that special study space during finals.

10. Late Night Conversations are the Best Conversations:

2 a.m. conversations with your best friend down the hall can be a healthy way to express your feelings for a stubborn professor or to laugh about ripping your pants at work.

11. Get to Know Your RA:

I love my RA with all my heart and she is now one of my dear friends. Get to know your RA throughout the year so you can get help with your paper and ask a question about leaving for break. They also have knowledge about almost everything on campus, so feel free to text them any question.

12. Work Can Stink, But Make the Best of It:

Yeah, work stinks, especially when you have two papers and an exam the next morning and you have to stay overtime, but don’t let that get you down! Make the best of your shift, talk and get to know your coworkers and form relationships. Also, if you work on campus, your boss is more than likely willing to work with you and your schedule.

13. Not All Group Projects are Bad:

The dreaded group project doesn’t have to be all that bad. If you make an effort to talk to people in the class, get their numbers, and when the time comes to pick groups, you’ll have people that you know you’ll work great with.

14. Your roommate can Be Your Best Friend, but they don’t have to be:

You can love your roommate and be best friends, live in harmony or fight with them, but it’s not a bad thing if you are not best friends. To eliminate the stress that comes sometimes with roommates, staying in communication with one another helps eliminate some major problems from happening.

15. Friendships:

By far one of the best things to gain on campus, those friendships that last a long time and are founded and focused on faith and love in Jesus. How awesome? My “Squad” are the people I can count on to cheer me up when I’m down, pray for during the rough times and grab some late night brownie sundaes with (and that could be where you gain the weight).

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