15 Random Acts Of Kindness That You Can Do This Holiday Season
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15 Random Acts Of Kindness That You Can Do This Holiday Season

'Tis the season of giving!

15 Random Acts Of Kindness That You Can Do This Holiday Season

Over the past two weeks since Donald Trump was elected president, all I seem to see when I scroll through my news feed on social media is how poorly people are treating each other. I simply don't understand it. There is absolutely no reason there should be any hate especially during this time of the year.

Yes, we have a new president and yes there is some controversy on whether or not the ideas that he has will be suitable for us. But there is no reason to putting each other down when what we really should be doing helping each other out, and being kind to others.

With the Christmas season around the corner, I always want to be the sunshine and brightness in someone's life. You never know what someone could be going through and any small gesture that you make can change someone's day for the best. Here are 15 random acts of kindness that you can do to brighten up someone's day this holiday season.

1. Write a letter

Yes! Actually take the time to write someone a letter, put it in an envelope, stick a stamp on it and send it in the mail. It's as simple as that. Nowadays, we're always sending text messages and emails to each other. That it. It's almost as if we forget how to communicate with other people. Everyone loves getting something in the mail from someone they care about. I guarantee you that if you take just 15 minutes out of your day and write someone a letter, you will make that person's day special. It showed that you were thinking about them and took the time to show it.

2. Pay it forward

Have you ever been in line somewhere and you're getting ready to pay and the cashier informs you that the ahead of you paid for order already? Is it pretty awesome feeling right? Well, next time, do it for the person that is behind you in line. Not only will it make them smile, but you'll also feel amazing because you did something for someone else. Hopefully it will inspire them to do the same thing!

3. Bring Donuts to a Police Station

I feel that a lot of the time, we forget that police are humans too and they're just doing their jobs. On television you always see the typical police with a coffee cup in one hand and a donut in the other. Well make that scenario true! Stop by your local police station and drop off a box of Dunkin', and then coffee along with it. Sure you'll probably get a chuckle out of them, but trust me it'll make their day. (Plus who doesn't love donuts?)

4. Leave a positive note

On the windshield, in a book, on a desk at school, on a shelf at the grocery store. Anywhere you can think of, put a post-it note with a positive message on it,and leave somewhere unexpectedly. It doesn't have to be long, just a simple "Hope you're having a great day!" with a smiley face, can really brighten up someone's day.

5. Smile at a stranger

Have you ever realized that when you're having one of the worst days of your life, maybe all you need is someone that will make you smile? And when someone does make you smile, you might feel a lot better? I love it when that happens and I always love knowing that I made somebody smile because I made a small gesture. You never know what someone is going through and just smiling at someone could brighten their day.

6. Clean your table

Being in the food service, I completely understand what feels like to walk over to a table a see a complete disaster of dishes, napkins and drinks all over the place. Not only is this disgusting to have to clean up, but it's rude. Stacking up your dishes, nicely, and keeping the table clean makes a job for your server a lot easier! I also like to leave a good tip and a note telling them that they're doing an awesome job especially when it's crazy busy. The little things like that can really make someone's day!

7. Leave money in random places

Have you ever seen the face when a child finds a quarter or a dollar on the floor? They honestly look like they hit the jackpot. Next time you have spare change in your coat pocket, take the change and put it in a spot that no one would expect. (P.S ALWAYS make sure the pennies are " heads up" it's good luck that way!)

8. Sit with someone that's by themselves

I've always been the person that sits in the corner of the room with my sandwich and keep to myself and to be completely honest, it gets lonely. No one likes to be by themselves. Everyone could use a friend to talk to. So next time you can't find any seats in the cafeteria, sit with that person who is by themselves. I can pretty much guarantee that they'll be pretty awesome and fun to talk to. Plus you'll feel pretty great about it too!

9. Include money for a snack

Next time you go to return the movie you rented from Redbox, throw five dollars into the case with a note saying "Snacks on us!" You'll make the person's smile,and they'll be able to enjoy a snack with their movie!

10. Pass out balloons

Remember when you were little and someone would hand you a balloon in a grocery store, at a restaurant or party? Do you remember the excitement you had when you received the balloon? You felt so special knowing that you had a bright yellow balloon to bring home and play with. So return the favor! Go to the $.99 store, grab a batch of 10 balloons and give them out to children you see walking around. I promise that the big smile you see come across their face, will make you smile just a big.

11. Volunteer

When I was little, I used to deliver Thanksgiving turkeys to families that couldn't afford it. Seeing the look on their face when we opened the doors to give them their food is a feeling I will never forget. Volunteering is something that shows you can change a life in the blink on an eye. By donating a small part of your time, you're making a big part of someone's day.

12. Donate Books

Do you have any children books that you used to love when you were little but no longer have a use for? Donate them to the library in your town, or better yet, pass it down to a former teacher to share with their class. Write a little note on the front cover stating how much you enjoyed the book and hope that they will enjoy it just as much as you had.

13.Hold doors open

Whenever someone opens a door for me, I sadly always find myself shocked by it and people seem surprised when I open it for them as well. No one seems to remember this small gesture any more and I find it extremely disappointing. Next time you have the opportunity, hold open the door for the person behind you. Hopefully, by you doing that, it won't be something that seems surprising to everyone, and it will just become the "norm."

14. Bake sweets

Brownies, cookies, cakes and pie! Who doesn't love desserts? Especially ones made from scratch. Baking during the holidays is something that I love to do and I always love to share my baking with others. So the next time you're making desserts, make sure to put some extras on the side and share them with a friend, coworker or neighbor. Your small gesture will show that you set some time aside for them, and you care about them.

15. Give Hug

Whenever you're feeling down, don't you love it when someone gives you a hug? I know I do! It's almost as if all of the sadness melts away. Next time you see someone who is feeling down, give them a big hug, and don't let go until they do. You never know how much someone may have needed one.

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