My boyfriend knows me like the back of his hand. After years of him riding this wave, he can totally tell all my quirks and habits, some more strange than the other. None the less, he loves it because of how totally unpredictable I am. Or at least that's what I tell myself. Here are a few ways I know I am that weird, crazy girlfriend.

1. She always says weird things at weird times


Like that time we were at church.

2. What she thinks is funny is just weird


Every time I try to show him something on Facebook and I get the classic eye roll...

3. When you hear weird noises, you know exactly where it's coming from


This mouth doesn't stop sometimes, heh.

4. When you have something to do she tries to distract you like it's her job


But baby please don't gooo, just stay a little longer ;)

5. You get nervous when her favorite song comes on and her dancing starts

ANDDDD IIIII WILLL ALLWAYS LOVEEE YOUUUUUU. Celine Dion baby. You can just feel him start to tense up and just pretend this is normal

6. Whenever she says something that doesn't make sense, you're just like...


I speak my own language sometimes and he doesn't seem to follow nor care.

7. Her friends are just as weird

Best Friend GIFs

Once he hears they are coming over, he beelines right out of there so he doesn't have to deal with me times three.

8. Taking photos at bad angles is a daily routine


Every day is a photo shoot with him, he just doesn't realize it yet.

9. She loves getting your attention when you're busy

When he's in the middle of a game, or watching a movie, or driving, or homework, and I'm just like PAY ATTENTION TO MEEE!

10. Even when you think she's being cute she has another plan


Sorry not sorry.

11. She always has some crazy idea in mind


Don't get me wrong, sometimes he's all for it, other times he just looks at me like I belong in an insane asylum. I just like to keep things fun, ya know?

12. When you agree to join in with her, she couldn't be happier


Literally makes me so much happier when we can be in our natural habitat together.

13. Her addiction to food you'd never eat


Constantly wanting to try new food, meanwhile, he's okay with the same old, same old. Also, me being a vegetarian doesn't help.

14. At the end of the day, you wouldn't have her any other way


Hence why he stays with me and loves me for who I am and for what fun I bring out in him.