14 times Difficult People perfectly described the end of Spring Semester
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Student Life

14 times Difficult People perfectly described the end of Spring Semester

This Hulu original understands feeling difficult

14 times Difficult People perfectly described the end of Spring Semester

1. When you stop worrying what people think because you know after a few weeks you won't see anyone for three months.

2. And rather than studying, you marvel at the size of some of your textbooks.

3. And finally, that faithful day comes when professors say that they will not be covering anything new., the last few classes will be a review.

4. Or even better, they tell you the final is not cumulative.

5. In an attempt to get a better grade, your friends suddenly start raising their hands, even though none of you have participated in a single lecture.

6. And even though you're trying to put on a brave face, you are incredibly stressed about you're grades. Making it hard to have fun.

7. And in addition to studying for finals, your RAs expect you to be able to pack and clean out your dorm room.

8. But you have officially checked out so you have to pretend to listen during class.

9. And you can't help but feel a little mad/jealous when you hear baseball players and other athletes get to pick when they take their finals because of away games.

10. And you get annoyed at the people that stress eat but it doesn't show.

11. Because you're a stress eater and you feel huge after finishing an entire package of Chips Ahoy cookies

12. And this reminds you that you are nowhere near your ideal summer body weight. But you'll worry about that after finals.

13. But you need to power through all the final papers, quizzes, projects, exams and late nights

14. Because summer is right around the corner.

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