14 Thoughts About Valentine's Day

14 Thoughts About Valentine's Day

When does chocolate go on sale again?

As the musical queen once said, "all the single ladies! Now put your hands up." And, surprise, I'm single for another Valentine's day. So, if this were a movie, I would be wallowing, or partying till I puked. But that is not me. In fact, I have a girls night and am super excited. Here's to anyone who has thought this on such a romantic day.

1. When does chocolate go on sale again?

I enjoy cheap bulk candy as much as a sweet crazed toddler. How much gets eaten? Well, a fair amount. So cheap chocolate day is essential.

2. It might be nice to have someone buy me something off campus. Wait, I can do that myself.

Not worrying about paying for a night would be lovely, but I also have a car. I'm free to do that if I want to. Though, sometimes the image is beautiful.

3. How much gas does my car have?

This is a pretty standard thought, especially on the weekends. Thank the lord for good gas mileage. And I don't want to be in the mass of traffic with very little gas and impatient individuals. Thus knowing how much I have had is good.

4. Aww, cute.

I may be single, but couples can be adorable. There's not a definite need for me to be passive aggressive if it's cute gestures and you can tell they are happy. I'm just not on that path yet.

5. Okay, now I want to puke.

Graphic PDA is the only time I will ever think this. And it does happen. There's no need to look like one person is swallowing the other in public. I shouldn't judge and try not to, but there are a time and place for that.

6. Why am I single again?

Admit it; if you are in the same boat, you have thought this a fair amount of times. Don't feel bitter about it. Being single is never the end of the world, even when there are a thousand couples around you. There will be someone.

7. Right, that, that's why I'm single.

Slowly I've come to realize I am not exactly ideal, but who is? I'm single for a lot of reasons, including my sanity. But none of them are negative. One day my person will find their way, it's just not today.

8. Dang, I'm hungry.

When am I not hungry? With school and exercise, I could eat a lot more than I do. But I'm trying to be healthy. Wish me luck.

9. How many calories are in *insert candy here*?

Everyone has a favorite sweet treat, and mine might have come in a plastic package with fudgy chocolate. I have a sweet tooth. And, on my quest to eat okay, I have to ask myself this a lot.

10. I need to eat healthier.

It's not my fault that caf food can be sub-par, but I try to stomach it. That does not mean I'm eating healthy, though I should. It at least says I ate something.

11. Do I sleep too much?

The truth is I could be a bat or a sloth. I sleep a lot. Am I sick right now? A little bit, so I'm tired from that. But, ask my siblings, and they could say that I can sleep like a log.

12. Why is this chapter so long?

I love reading and my major, but some sections about put me to sleep. I'm not trying to be negative, just honest.

13. Goldfish or pudding?

Snacks can be hard to choose. Do I want creamy or a cheddar cracker? Or maybe a pack of carrots? Just depends on the mood.

14. I can't wait til tonight!

When it all winds down, time with friends is fantastic.

Happy Valentine's Day to all of you.

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PSA: Keep Your Body-Negative Opinions Away From Little Girls This Summer

But our own baggage shouldn't be shoved on to those we surround ourselves with.


It's officially swimsuit season, y'all.

The temperature is rising, the sun is bright and shining, and a trip to the beach couldn't look more appealing than it does right now. This is the time of year that many of us have been rather impatiently waiting for. It's also the time of year that a lot of us feel our most self-conscious.

I could take the time to remind you that every body is a bikini body. I could type out how everyone is stunning in their own unique way and that no one should feel the need to conform to a certain standard of beauty to feel beautiful, male or female. I could sit here and tell you that the measurement of your waistline is not a reflection of your worth. I completely believe every single one of these things.

Hell, I've shared these exact thoughts more times than I can count. This time around, however, I'm not going to say all these things. Instead, I'm begging you to push your insecurities to the side and fake some confidence in yourself when you're in front of others.


Because our negative self-image is toxic and contagious and we're spreading this negative thinking on to others.

We're all guilty of this, we're with family or a friend and we make a nasty comment about some aspect of our appearance, not even giving a single thought to the impact our words have on the person with us. You might think that it shouldn't bother them- after all, we're not saying anything bad about them! We're just expressing our feelings about something we dislike about ourselves. While I agree that having conversations about our insecurities and feelings are important for our mental and emotional health, there is a proper and improper way of doing it. An open conversation can leave room for growth, acceptance, understanding, and healing. Making a rude or disheartening remark about yourself is destructive not only to yourself, but it will make the person you are saying these things around question their own self worth or body image by comparing themselves to you.

My little sister thinks she's "fat." She doesn't like how she looks. To use her own words, she thinks she's "too chubby" and that she "looks bad in everything."

She's 12 years old.

Do you want to know why she has this mindset? As her older sister, I failed in leading her by example. There were plenty of times when I was slightly younger, less sure of myself, and far more self-conscious than I am now, that I would look in the mirror and say that I looked too chubby, that my body didn't look good enough, that I wished I could change the size of my legs or stomach.

My little sister had to see the older sibling she looks up to, the big sis she thinks always looks beautiful, say awful and untrue things about herself because her own sense of body image was warped by media, puberty, and comparing herself to others.

My negativity rubbed off onto her and shaped how she looks at herself. I can just imagine her watching me fret over how I look thinking, "If she thinks she's too big, what does that make me?"

It makes me feel sick.

All of us are dealing with our own insecurities. It takes some of us longer than others to view ourselves in a positive, loving light. We're all working on ourselves every day, whether it be mentally, physically, or emotionally. But our own baggage shouldn't be shoved on to those we surround ourselves with, our struggles and insecurities should not form into their own burdens.

Work on yourself in private. Speak kindly of yourself in front of others. Let your positivity, real or not, spread to others instead of the bad feelings we have a bad habit of letting loose.

The little girls of the world don't need your or my negative self-image this summer. Another kid doesn't need to feel worthless because we couldn't be a little more loving to ourselves and a lot more conscious of what we say out loud.

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3 Tips For Saying Goodbye For The Summer

When a few months feels like forever...


Summertime is wonderful! You get time out of school, you can do all these fun things you've been wanting to do, and you get to spend time with your friends. Sometimes, however, your friends have to go off for the summer. Whether they're visiting family, going on vacation for a while, or even just working all the time and not able to see you, it can be hard knowing that your friend isn't gonna be around during what's supposed to be the best time of the year. You know it's temporary, but it still stinks!

Well, I've had to do this a couple of times, so I know a thing or two about dealing with your friend being gone for the summer. I hope that these tips will help your friend feel a little bit closer and the wait seem a little bit shorter:

1. Set up a scheduled system of communication.


Call, text, email, snail mail, etc. You guys chose the easiest method of communication, and you stick to it. Knowing exactly when to expect a phone call means a lot when you miss someone. It may be difficult finding time that works for both people, but even a scheduled call one time a week is better than not even knowing when you're gonna hear from someone. You can even have a unique way to communicate. Do you like games? You can do multiplayer games online and spend time together that way. Are you old fashioned and like writing letter? Send them a letter to let them know how you are. We live in a world with so many methods of communication, so find which one helps you stay in touch.

2. Stay busy.


I have spent my fair share mopeing around, waiting for someone to call and hoping that they'd be back soon. That is the worst way to spend your time! Instead of wasting you summer waiting by the phone, go out and do something. Spend time with other friends, go to the beach, do anything you want! Don't waste your summer trying to make time go faster; it doesn't work. Do things that'll help get your mind off of your friend being gone. It'll get easier as time goes along, so make use of the time you have.

3. Don't hold it in.


Having your friend go off can be tough, especially if it's a person you're very close with. It's okay! You aren't being silly if you feel sad. Some people may even feel hurt, like they're being left behind. That's okay too! What isn't okay is bottling it up and not talking to someone about it. What isn't okay is taking that fear and frustration out on other people, especially the friend that's gone. Talk to someone about it. Write some journal entries about how you're feeling. Don't sit around feeling sad and lonely and left behind. Get out of your own head and realize that everything will be okay. They didn't leave you behind, you're not gonna be sad forever, and everything will be okay.

Well, I hope you have a good summer! Yeah, that person has left, but they'll be back soon. Just live your summer day by day, and they'll be back before you know it!

Good luck!

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