14 Thoughts of a Devout Reader
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14 Thoughts of a Devout Reader

Extreme torment and despair at the hands of a paperback.

14 Thoughts of a Devout Reader

We literature lovers know what we love in a book, we also know what we dislike in a book. Its always nice to find that book that draws you in and keeps you there. We all have a few thoughts that we have when we read books. Heres a list of 14 of them.

1. How do I pronounce this name?

You know them. Eadlyn, Rhysand, Hermione, etc. We all have them.

2. I don't know what that word means, but I don't want to stop reading to look it up.

"Excogitate" to consider or think something out carefully and thoroughly.

3. Oops, I found a typo.

"Then she she laughed."

4. I really like this character, I hope they don't kill them.

This is a very real fear in some books, and with some authors *cough* Cassandra Clare *cough*

5. Wait, who's talking again?

Too many pronouns!

6. I don't remember anything I just read.

I read half a page and didn't retain a single word.

7. Who is this chucklehead?

This person was extremely detailed and then never talked about again? NO, they must be important.

8. Did they really just use the "She let out a breath she didn't realize she was holding," line?

Seriously, why is this line so popular?

9. Just one more chapter.

Then you finish the book and didn't realize you read for an extra two hours.

10. Why are humans trying to talk to me right now? Can they not see I have a book in my hands?

When I have a book, I don't want to talk to you.

11. Wait, this isn't the end, right? There has to be more.

When a book ends in a major cliffhanger, leaving you distraught.

12. When is the sequel released?

Google! Google as fast as you can!

13. WHAT?? IN A YEAR???

I have to wait a full year to know what happens next? How will I survive?

14. I guess I'll have to reread it.

So you do.

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