What It's Like Having A Badass Mom
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14 Things You Learn From Having A Badass Mom

Have fun and take no shit.

14 Things You Learn From Having A Badass Mom
Tayla Goers

Not only is my Mom awesome, but she is pretty badass!

"Here's to strong women. May we know them. May we be them. May we raise them."

Here are 14 things that you learn from having a badass Mom.

1. Being independent is the most important thing.

If you need someone else for something you could do, but just don't know how... learn to do it! You are much more capable than you think you are. Self- sufficiency is a very important ingredient for being badass.

2. Pick your battles.

Sometimes you're gonna need to walk away from a potential screaming match. Learning when to let it be is so important. An old lady took your front row parking spot at Target? Take a breath and find another one. The drive-thru kid at Chick-fil-a only gave you a single chick fil a sauce? Riot.

3. Being loud and being powerful are separate entities.

Handling tense situations with eloquence and a calm tone is difficult sometimes. Knowing when to raise your voice is also something that takes a lot of practice to master. When you figure out how to use your actual words instead of volume to handle situations, you will be even more powerful.

4. Don't let anyone tell you that you can't.

Knowing your abilities and being able to shove them in the faces of those who doubt you is pretty badass. Just sayin'.

5. It's OK to take a loss.

Being perfect all of the time is so unrealistic. Whether it be in relationships, work, friendships, or even directions sometimes you're going to lose. Taking a loss is okay as long as you learn from it.

6. Have fun and take no shit.

Have the time of your life unless someone is not treating you right. There will be times that you will need to call someone out for not treating you right. Do not be afraid to cut out people that are putting a damper on your good time.

7. Don't be afraid to tell a man to sit down.

If a man thinks that he is better than you just because he has one X chromosome instead of two do not be afraid to put him in his place.

8. It's totally OK to not be like everyone else.

Do you, boo, even if you have not found your people yet. You will find your people eventually, but until then hanging out with your mom on a Friday night is not a bad decision... sometimes she can even be more fun than your friends.

9. Make a fuss if you need to make a fuss.

When you've picked an important battle you need to make your fuss. Make your words heard and make your words powerful if it is an issue that you need to go full throttle on do it and do not regret it.

10. If a problem can be fixed with money it's not a problem.

Focus on the important things in life. If the problem can be fixed with a mani-pedi or chicken nuggets fix it quickly and move on.

11. Stand up for yourself.

You have a voice, might as well use it. If someone or something's not right, say something. Even if it is just a Starbucks order don't be afraid to let them know, it really is not that big of a deal of them, they will not hate you THAT much.

12. Keep laughing no matter what.

Being a badass means that you are strong even when you don't want to be. Laughter is the best medicine and the easiest way to turn a frown. A little bit of humor can turn an obstacle into an adventure.

13. Good ice cream can fix almost anything.

Taking a breath and getting a sugar fix can handle some of the most stubborn moods. There is no better way to explore new flavors and creameries than with your badass mom. Trust me.

14. Even the biggest badass needs a hug sometimes.

Even though you and your mom are both quite badass, you are human. Random meltdowns happen and sometimes a mom hug is all you need. Even if you have to drive out to her work and pull her out of a meeting to get it.

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