14 Things Women With Depression Wish Their Boyfriends Knew
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14 Things Women With Depression Wish Their Boyfriends Knew

There is only so much that we can explain what to do in some cases.

14 Things Women With Depression Wish Their Boyfriends Knew

It is so hard trying to explain depression to your significant other, then they ask questions on what to do; boy, I don't even know what to do. In most cases with me, it is best to just be silent and hug/kiss me. At any given time, everything becomes black and my mind drifts off to a land that is ruled by anxiety and sadness. It may last a couple of minutes or it could last days. There are some things I wish my boyfriend knew and could understand what I go through.

1. She's sensitive

Sure she may come off as bitch and claim she is a 'bad bitch'; but despite the things she has gone through, she has a heart of gold and is sensitive.

2. She shows appreciation towards you with her body

Let's get this straight, she is NOT a hoe. Well, 90% sure she is not a hoe but it is hard to express how she feels when it comes to saying 'thank you' and 'I love you'. She resorts to her body to show her appreciation and love.

3. It is hard for her to trust

If you give her time and patience then she will open up, maybe not soon but she will and when she does, you will love it and worth the wait.

4. She thinks she is the problem

Whether you are mad or sad, she thinks it is her fault. No matter how many times you tell her it is not, she thinks she is the problem and when you start getting annoyed it makes her feel worse.

5. A simple water bottle makes her feel guilty

I honestly do not know how some girls are happy about their boyfriends spending hundreds of dollars on them and still ask them to buy them the 7 for $27 and the newest make up palettes. She feels like a burden with just a water bottle at the movies.

6. She feels crazy

At first, she won't tell you how mentally unstable she is but when she gets comfortable enough, she will tell you. When she tells you, she will feel scared and judged. Remind her you understand and offer your shoulder.

7. It takes time to cuddle

We are not known to be much of a cuddler. When she first gives herself to you, she feels uncomfortable while you wrap your arms around her and kiss her forehead. After a while, she will learn to love it and become accustomed to it.

8. She will want to treat you

It does not matter if you hate when your girl pays, she will not give up on trying to get you to let her pay. She may have been treated poorly in the past and that makes her appreciate you more and want to spoil you as well. She wants to treat her king every once in a while.

9. She will have dark and twisties

Depression will hit her out of nowhere, her day and/or night will turn dark and her mind will be consumed with twisted thoughts. Do not think it is your fault because it isn't. She will demand to be alone because she is used to being alone, do not leave her. Force her to talk and if she continues to silence herself, hold her.

10. A simple text will turn her day around

At least 60% of the time she wakes up and expects to have a bad day. When she leaves for class or work, send her a text saying "have a good day beautiful, I love you". This text will makes her day better already.

11. She feels she takes you for granted even though it is clear she doesn't

She thinks the world of you and only wants to make you happy-she will feel she doesn't sometimes and wishes she could treat you better but she already tries her hardest.

12. She pushes away - don't go

She isn't used to people staying constant in her life, being alone is comfortable and we tend to push people who love us away. No matter how hard she pushes you away, show her how much you care and stay.

13. She overthinks everything

Aside from thinking she is the problem, she thinks about the worst case scenarios that could happen and lets them linger in her mind. Tell her it will get better and kiss her.

14. Her mood can change within seconds

She could be happy one second and depressed or sad one second and content the next. It is not always because of you but reassure her that you are still there for her and not going anywhere. Make sure she knows this does not change how you feel about her.

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