14 Things That Made Me Melt for You
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14 Things That Made Me Melt for You

This is why you will forever be in my heart.

14 Things That Made Me Melt for You

I had no intentions of seeing any guy for a while: my bad luck streak caught up with me too many times. I was set on being alone and just seeing how my life panned out. Out of nowhere you came into my life with no warning and caught me off guard. As many times as I thought I 'loved' someone, I know now I was wrong and only loved the thought of them. The little things you do and the overall personality you have has melted my heart and made me realize how wrong I was about every other guy I have been with.

1. You listen

I may rant and rant about problems at work, family drama, or just ridiculous gossip between my friends. Whatever it may be, you listen even if it has no relevance towards anything.

2. You don't judge me

I have opened up about the mistakes I have made in my past and the events that have happened to and around me, yet you did not let that define who I am; you think I am an even better person than I make myself out to be.

3. You love your family

I love how close you are with your family and how important they are to you. Your family has been so welcoming and loving towards me that I feel like I am part of it.

4. You stop and stare

I know I am not the prettiest girl but when I catch you looking at me, it's like how I look at french fries - it makes me blush and feel so adored. I never get looked at in that way.

5. You are silly and goofy with me

It is no secret that I am a bit of a weirdo and goofy, but I am happy that I have found someone that I can be myself with.

6. You give me random little gifts

You do not need to spend a ton of money to make me happy, a small minion key chain that you found at work and cleaned would put a smile on my face. You know I love minions and knew that even a small gesture would make me happy.

7. You understand my time of the month

You are not afraid to go out and buy tampons, chocolate, munchies, and ginger ale as long as it would benefit me. Not many guys would be willing to rub your stomach until you fall asleep and put a heating pad under the bottom of my back.

8. How honest you are

No matter how bad it is, you are willing to be completely honest with me and never lie to me.

9. You always think I deserve the world

Despite what I think, you think I deserve so much in the world. You make me feel so special and make me believe that I could never deserve someone like you.

10. When you are half asleep and pull me close

I have a hard time falling asleep and usually wake up and I get chills every time you roll over and hold me.

11. When you kiss my forehead and hand

You are such a gentleman and treat me with kindness, a simple kiss will make me smile.

12. How you have goals

Your ambition excites me, whether it is with your school, career, or family.

13. How hard you work

You work hard to get your studies done and maintain to support yourself in many areas.

14. You are a gentleman

Nowadays, it is not common to have a man open the car door for you, giving his jacket up, making your friends his friends, and so on.

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