14 Random Items You've Definitely Used As Bookmarks

14 Random Items You've Definitely Used As Bookmarks

All bookworms are guilty of using these instead of a bookmark.

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Every avid reader knows the feeling of dismay that comes with putting down a page-turner to do something way less exciting. (e.g., homework or housework). But there never seems to be a bookmark around when you reach a good stopping point, and what's the point of getting one when you tend to use this random assortment of objects anyways?

1. Napkins

Perhaps it's an homage to the fact that many great stories and ideas were conceived on napkins, including sketches and outlines for Pixar's "A Bug's Life," "Finding Nemo," "WALL-E" and "Monsters, Inc." Or it's because you were reading during your lunch break again.

2. Pens or pencils

Unlike actual bookmarks, you always seem to have these with you – in your backpack, your purse, or at your desk, they're everywhere.

3. A receipt

The library prints a handy bookmark every time you check out, why not use it?

4. Your cell phone

It's good for when you're taking a quick break and expect to come back soon.

5. Tissues (clean, of course)

Just like pens and pencils (and unlike bookmarks), you can find these in almost every room of your house. They're especially handy for reading on sick days when you already have a box of tissues nearby for the sniffles.

6. Scraps of paper

We're all guilty of ripping pieces off old school assignments or the corners of notebook paper to hold our spot.

7. Sticky note or tab

These are also great for annotating or marking your favorite quotes.

8. Part of a blanket

It's handy for when you're reading in bed.

9. Another, smaller book

Because dog-earing should be a crime and sometimes the closest thing is another book.

10. The dust jacket flap

Sometimes I just tuck the front or back jacket flap into the page. However, the book might have too many pages, and the flaps may not reach into the middle.

11. Money

It's easy for a quarter or dollar bill to find its way into the pages of a book!

12. Gum sticks or wrappers

One man's trash is another man's bookmark.

13. A photo or a photo booth strip

Memories with loved ones make great bookmarks.

14. Nothing

You totally wing it and hope that you'll be able to remember what page or chapter you were on.

There's no shame in using any of these to pause your pursuit of a good story. What's the weirdest thing you've used as a bookmark?

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