The 14 People You Meet At Your Summer Internship
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The 14 People You Meet At Your Summer Internship

Don't feel bad about being boring in the summer, you have all the entertainment you need at the office.

The 14 People You Meet At Your Summer Internship

Regardless of your major or where you may be interning this summer, you're most likely working somewhere with actual adults. Not 20-something year old college students but older people with kids, minivans and a title that doesn't tell you anything about what they do. But contrary to popular belief, not all adults are the same. Here are 14 different types of people you meet at your summer internship.

1. The Boss

This is the person you report to. The guy, or gal, that showed you around on the first day and gives you all of their small tasks that they don't want to deal with. They're professional enough but really cool. They could be seen walking through the office humming or heard in their office yelling on the phone. Either way, not a bad guy.

2. The Prez

This is the top dog, the owner of the company. He's hardly ever in the office but when he is you're never sure if he's talking to you or someone on the other end of his ear piece. He's friendly even though you know next to nothing at all about him.

3. The Diva

She's the "It Girl." Everyone loves her because she's hilarious and never fails to deliver a little bit of happiness and smiles every time she dances into the room. But watch out, you don't want to get on her bad side. She does her own thing and doesn't care if you like it or not. When in doubt, she sings it out.

4. The Missing Person

This is the guy that everybody is looking for but you never know where he is because he's off taking care of other business. Thus, you're left wandering around the office looking for him until he eventually walks by your desk and you let him know Jim, Bob, Tom, Sarah and Mike are all looking for him.

5. The Grandma

This is the lady that brings in cookies twice a week and her weekend plans are going to watch her grandson's t-ball game. She's extremely helpful and knows her stuff. She's never been angry at anyone and never fails to make sure you're doing OK.

6. The Frat Dad

His wife is most likely drop dead gorgeous, his kids are adorable and he's just living the dad life. He needs a few beers to get him through a long weekend of sports outings and mowing the lawn. He really just wants to go hang out with the boys but, you know, obligations.

7. The Fashionista

This girl is your hipster goals. She's fresh out of college and still young enough to know what's in and what's not. She's a mix of professional and boho goddess and pulls it off better than anyone ever could. She keeps you up on the trends and let's you know about all of the Zara sales.

8. The Workaholic

You're pretty sure they only go home to shower and put on another button down. Super task oriented, the person that goes on vacation but their computer status never changes to "off-line."

9. The Sweetheart

This person coordinates office lunches, ping pong tournaments after hours (because she can kick your butt) and always has a smile on their face. Everyone in the office likes them particularly because there's nothing to dislike about them.

10. The Cool Mom

She has kids but she's in the know. Her nails are always painted and has the scoop on everything. She doesn't put up with anyone's crap. She's still a mom though, so whatever your weekend plans are, rock on, but make sure you wear sunscreen while you do it.

11.The Traveler

This lady is your adult life goals. She only lives in her house during the week because the weekends are strictly spent for out-of-town adventuring. She'll send you pictures on Friday's of her dog at the beach while you're still working, something that would normally make you upset to be working, but honestly, it's a dog.

12. The Army Bro

Fitness is this guy's middle name. He takes his lunch breaks to go workout and his fun weekends are spent at drill. He's a total bro and can make any game competitive, bring it.

13. The IT Guy

He can fix your complicated computer problem in 0.2 seconds and gets excited when the Dell catalog arrives in the mail. He's goofy and can make a joke out of anything, but just be careful because he has access to every account the company has.

14. The Project Managers

These are the cool people. The group of friends that go to lunch and share college memories because they're still young and cool enough to do so. They make conference calls seem fun even though we all know they're not.

All of these types of people make getting up for work every morning and putting your big girl or boy pants on worth it. Going back to college still sounds nice, but you wouldn't be upset if you had to stay here a little while longer.

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