14 Things That Happen When Your Best Friend Joins A Sorority

14 Things That Happen When Your Best Friend Joins A Sorority

She meets waaay more cute guys than you do


Sororities aren't for everyone. But what happens when your best friend joins one and you don't?

1. She starts using the word "sisters" a lot more liberally.

Thanks to Sorority lingo, you'll no longer be the only one she refers to as "sister." But that's OK, because it's still gonna mean more when she calls you a sister because you're her sister even though you're not related AND you don't even wear shirts with Greek letters on them.

2. You pick up on the Sorority lingo.

Sororities have their own secret language, and like it or not, you will become fluent in it thanks to your friend. Though you may only become fluent in her specific Sorority's language? Because I don't know, but my friend uses all kinds of different terms than I hear from the girls in my college's social sorority.

3. You also get a crash course in the Greek alphabet.

One of my professors once tried to teach me the Greek alphabet, but I was never able to figure out what symbol went with what name until my best friend joined a sorority.

4. Instagram pictures of girls laughing and holding Greek letters.

I feel like this is a phenomenon no one outside of Greek life will ever understand. Like, even modern letters never make me that happy. But if that's what does it for you, more power to you.

5. Your best friend gets way more social.

I mean, I guess that's part of joining a SOCIAL sorority. But who is going to hermit with you now?

6. She starts going to parties.

I guess it's part of the whole "social" thing? Plus parties are probably more fun when you know more than just a handful of people there and don't need to be an awkward wallflower the whole time.

7. You'll get to laugh at drunk Snapchats on Monday holidays.

And then return the favor for her on Wine Wednesday, the favorite day of the week for anyone recently dumped or trying to get over the same guy they've been in to for the past 7 years.

8. You will feel out of your depth around her friends.

Mostly because of all the inside jokes. Also all Sorority girls are gorgeous? It shouldn't be possible and yet somehow it's true.

9. Your friendship won't change.

When your best friend joins a sorority, you'll notice a lot of changes. But the way she loves you won't be one of them.

10. She meets waaay more cute guys than you.

She does frequently offer to introduce you to the cute guy's brother though, so that's a plus.

11. You get to go to the formal when that cute guy turns out to be an asshole.

I'm not saying frat guys are assholes, I'm saying all college guys are assholes (that's been my experience anyway). Either way, hope you saved your prom gown!

12. You learn not to judge sorority girls by the stigma.

Honestly, I wasn't a big fan of sorority girls. Until my best friend told me she had joined Phi Sig. Just like any group of people, you can't judge sorority girls based on the stereotypes either.

13. You get used to being asked what sorority you're in.

When you show up in sorority housing and no one recognizes you, they assume you're from a different sorority and not some lowly outsider to Greek life.

14. She's happy

My best friend has been so happy since joining her sorority. So that's all that really matters.

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