If you watch "Grey's Anatomy," you know the characters spit some real truth, and the things they say are not only inspiring to hear but also can be really helpful to keep in mind throughout life.

For the Yang to your Grey:

If you're lucky enough to find your "person", then these quotes are perfect for capturing that amazing feeling of having someone who knows you better than you know yourself and who will always be there for you, no matter what. They'll be there for you through the good, the bad, and the straight-up depressing and they'll still call you their best friend.

1. "We're friends, real friends. And that means, no matter how long it takes when you finally do decide to look back, I’ll still be here."

2. "No matter how hard you fight it, you fall. And it’s scary as hell. Except there’s an upside to free-falling. It’s the chance you give your friends to catch you."

3. "If I murdered someone, she's the person I'd call to help me drag the corpse across the living room. She's my person."

4. "The people that are still with you at the end of the day–those are the ones worth keeping. And sure, sometimes close can be too close. But sometimes, that invasion of personal space, it can be exactly what you need."

5. "No matter how hard you fight it, you fall. And it’s scary as hell. Except there’s an upside to free falling. It’s the chance you give your friends to catch you."

For when you're feeling dark and twisty:

We all get a little down sometimes, even dark and cloudy, but if Grey's Anatomy has taught us anything, it's that sometimes the bad times are what make you strong. Being dark and twisty can make you a stronger person in the long run, and the best part is the bad times never really last- good times are always on their way, so it's okay to be sad sometimes.

6. "I think you can’t wait for someone to fly underneath you and save your life. I think you have to save yourself."

7. "At the end of the day, the fact that we have the courage to still be standing is reason enough to celebrate."

8. "You don't have to be tough every minute of every day. It’s okay to let down your guard. In fact, there are moments when it’s the best thing you can possibly do--as long as you choose your moments wisely."

9. "All the pain and the fear and the crap, maybe going through all that is what keeps us moving forward. It’s what pushes us. Maybe we have to get a little messed up before we can step up."

10. "It comes in waves. There's a lull and then another wave hits you. I just wanted you to know that it's okay not to be fine sometimes."

For when you find your McDreamy:

It's just a fact that Meredith and Derek are ultimate relationship goals, so if you're lucky enough to find someone who loves you like that, that's pretty special. This part of life allows for being totally gooey and cheesy and full of love, because that's really what life is all about- finding people you love and loving them.

11. "It's important to tell the people you love how much you love them while they can hear you."

12. "For a kiss to be really good, you want it to mean something. You want it to be with someone you can't get out of your head, so that when your lips finally touch you feel it everywhere. A kiss so hot and so deep you never want to come up for air."

13. "You were like coming up for fresh air. It's like I was drowning and you saved me."

14. "You never know the biggest day of your life is the biggest day. Not until its happening. You don’t recognize the biggest day of your life. Not until you’re right in the middle of it. The day you commit to something or someone…The day you get your heart broken. The day you meet your soul mate. The day you realize there’s not enough time...because you want to live forever. Those are the biggest days. The perfect days."

If we can learn anything from Meredith Grey, it's that it's okay to be dark and twisty sometimes because that's what makes us strong and makes us appreciate the times when everything is really is good. There are good times in life and there are bad, but as long as you have your friends, yourself, and people you love around you, you'll be okay.